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Global Wellness Summit Day Three

Hotels, Alternative Accommodations and Wellness: Jan D. Freitag, Senior Vice President, STR, Inc., U.S.


The report card for the US hotel industry, STR compiles market data for the industry. Gyms are a commodity and prevalent in mid to high-end hotels, but less so in economy hotels, which incidentally are also more likely to have ‘smoking permitted’ rooms. Spas of course are found in luxury and upscale properties, but in a sea of brands, how can a hotel brand differentiate itself? Every brand has their own answer, create a wellness brand, such as Even hotels, Westin Workout. The alternative is to buy a brand, such as Hyatt acquiring Miraval and exhale spas. Luxury hotels with spas charge a significantly higher room rate, however the relationship is tenuous – do hotels get to charge more because they have a spa, or are spas more prevalent in hotels that charge more?

The impact of Airbnb is hard to measure because hotels are still showing good occupancy and Airbnb do not share their data. They don’t offer gyms, spas or other hotel facilities so currently there is not too much of a threat on the wellness side.

Alexa, the voice activated audio device designed to collect data and market to you accordingly as it is owned by Amazon.

Shark Tank of Wellness Student Competition: Global student competition to birth a fresh wellness concept with $10,000 in prize money!
Meet the final three concepts decided by the judges (Sharks) after reviewing videos from almost 100 submissions. Finalists present and compete for the top prize today.
Sponsored by Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Circadia by Dr. Pugliese, ESPA International, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, ResortSuite and Vanity Cosmetics AG.


Every Damn Day – Student: Mikey Ahdoot, University of Southern, California, U.S. FIRST FINALIST
Professor: Paul Orlando, University of Southern California, U.S.

Habits are the key drivers to success but are difficult to create and maintain. Every Damn Day will track your habits, motivate you and match you with an accountability partner. The morning sidekick journal and gratitude journal are physical products also launched by this growing startup.

pHealth – Student: Maria Gil, École Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland SECOND FINALIST
Professor: Demian Hodari, École Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

This toothbrush measures the pH level from the saliva in the mouth each morning and is shown to the user via an app. The app encourages people to move towards a less acidic diet. The ideal pH is 7.34 – 7.4, if you see acidity it can be an indicator of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle and this can be corrected by incorporating healthy habits.


EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – Student: Jarrod Luca, Florida State University, U.S. / Professor: Wendy Plant, Florida State University, U.S.

Applicable for sufferers of PTSD an anxiety disorders. Via a headset users can experience the therapy, which helps to remove the emotional attachment to trauma.

Student challenge winner

Water, Wellness, Wealth and the Inner Well of Being: Dr. Marc Cohen, Professor, RMIT University, Australia


How will bathing heal humanity? “We are all water babies. Water should be everyone’s concern. Without water, we all die. All life dies. We need to give thanks to water,” Grandma Agnes Baker Pilgrim. Move from Illness to Wellness, enhanced health rather than average health. Flexibility of response and our bliss state of enhanced health is the ideal state. Water makes up 99% of our molecules. Water liquid state is extremely rare in the universe and only exists at certain distances. All fresh water on earth is fed by hot springs, which feeds phytoplankton creating oxygen and supporting the entire food chain. Bathing can be profoundly therapeutic where people can relax and find balance, improve mental resilience and focus, reduce pain and inflammation, detoxify.


Try a cold shower and do the ‘Cold Shower Hokey Pokey!


Bathe the World Foundation:


The View from 95: Deborah Szekely, Co-Founder, Rancho La Puerta, U.S.
Interviewed by Susie Ellis, Chairman & CEO, Global Wellness Summit, U.S.


What were you thinking when you saw the video? It was a total surprise! I would like a copy.
Tell us a little bit about Alex Szekely: Alex was the president of ISPA for 10 years after founding the association. He loved people and had so many friends, after he died over 30 people said to Deborah, “Alex and I were best friends”. Rancho la puerta has a great staff that feels like they own it, therefore taking care of it as if it were theirs.

Deborah was 18 when she first set foot on the land that was to become Rancho La Puerta. Due to lack of documentations Edmond Szekely couldn’t travel and

Deborah recently spent two weeks in Europe visiting Sweden, Denmark and Norway. One tenth of a percent (0.01%) of the population is over 95 years old. In 1973 Deborah interviewed Katrine (Susie’s twin sister), Katrine took the other job offer and Susie went to work at The Golden Door. In order to raise a family, Edmond wanted to wait until they had a business in the US. There was a plan to build a freeway in front of the original Golden Door. A client, Nancy Reagan, wife of the governor at the time, Ronald Reagan, tried to have this changed without success, so Deborah sued the government and won three times the value she was originally offered for the property. The new Golden Door and Rancho La Puerta still embrace the same wellness program today set up by Deborah originally. “Exercise is exercise and it is indispensible,” says Debora. “if you jump up and down enough times and walk enough, it works.” Deborah still joins an aerobics class every morning, five times a week and walks on the weekends.” A small price to pay for feeling healthy!” In May Deborah plans to go to Vienna, Hungary and Russia as she has the health and the time. Deborah’s message to everyone is to have fun. Today, not tomorrow!

The Award; Living a Well Life is presented to Deborah Szekely


Wellness 2030 – Key Trends for a Growing Economy in a Rapidly Changing World
David Bosshart, PhD, CEO, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Switzerland

It is dangerous to become the prisoner of the present. Technology is becoming more powerful than ever; we have AI meeting natural stupidity. We need better imagination in order to build a better future. We move from a clinical context to a consumer context, from a treatment paradigm to a wellness paradigm, premature death to hyper wellness.


We move from Buddhism to Data Buddhism.

Pay-as-you-live business models emerge:


The Crossroads of Science and Spirituality: Redefining the Well Life and Beyond: Edie Weiner, President & CEO, The Future Hunters, U.S


We can now do three things: leave this planet, destroy this planet and hack the future.

Is there life after death? Around the year 2040 the technology should be available to download everything in our brains and to carry on ‘living’. The human brain is the most powerful electrical conductor in the universe. Time flows backwards and forward according to quantum physics, theoretically allowing for telepathy and clairvoyance between people and even our former or future selves at different ages. We are at the crossroads of spirituality and technology.

If we live lives beyond our physical bodies, why would this life be so important to us? How important is memory to us in the end? The irony is that the mindfulness movement is here at a time where we are desperate to preserve memories in pictures rather than experiencing it in the moment.

We are all in the experience business. Are we catering to the force of mental energy? Feel what your customer feels and ask yourself if you are satisfied or ecstatic.

Global Wellness Awards

Leader in Innovation:Steve Nygren, Serenbe
Award Sponsor: Sammy Gharieni, CEO & Founder,
Gharieni Group, Germany

Leader in Sustainability:Neil Jacobs, Six Senses
Award Sponsor:Alberto Uggetti, Vice President &
General Manager, UL Environment, U.S.

Leading Woman in Wellness:Julie Bach, Wellness for Cancer
Award Sponsor: Miriam Senft, President & CEO,
Motivity Partnerships, Inc., U.S.


Leader in Workplace Wellness:Renee Moorfield, Wisdom Works
Award Sponsor:Josh McCarter, CEO, Booker Software, U.S.

Debra Simon Award for Leader in Furthering Mental Wellness:Louie Schwartzberg, Moving Art
Award Sponsor:Lauren Wright, President, Debra Simon Family Foundation & Daughter of Debra Simon, U.S.

A Commitment to Wellness Evidence Susie Ellis, Chairman & CEO, Global Wellness Summit, U.S.
Dr. Daniel Friedland, CEO, SuperSmartHealth, U.S.
Clare Martorana, Digital Service Expert, United States Digital Service, U.S.
Andrew Pleasant, PhD, Director, Healthy Literacy Media & Canyon Ranch Institute, U.S.

The resource site will be redeveloped over the next year!


GLOBAL WELLNESS SUMMIT 2018 to be held in: Italy

Sponsored by Technogym


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