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Wellness Living Communities

Wellness Communities

La Ecovilla includes permaculture gardens, fiber-optic internet, clean drinking water, and a community-owned alternative school. Located on the beautiful Rio Machuca, and surrounded by many old-growth trees and is a wildlife corridor of great value. The sewage and black water are processed in a biomass digester that produces methane gas that the community plans to bottle as fuel for the communal kitchen stoves.

Meditation & Brainwave Entrainment

The benefits of meditation are well known across the spa and wellness industry and the spa clientele we often receive are becoming more knowledgeable all the time. There are many ways we can incorporate meditation into the spa experience for our guests; these include guided meditations, providing a Zen meditation space and mindfulness activities like mandala coloring, labyrinth walks etc.

If we want to encourage our guests to take it a step further we can introduce technology into their meditation practice – this may seem counter intuitive however the latest brainwave entrainment and meditation feedback devices can help those who struggle with the practice of quieting the mind.

ISPA 2017

The 2017 International Spa Association Conference & Expo was hosted at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, on October 16-18. Almost 2300 leaders in spa and wellness from 31 countries gathered at the event to hear 40 speakers and see 220 exhibiting companies. 16000 meals were donated to children via the FEED bag partnership and over 100,000 USD was raised to support the ISPA Foundation.

Day one commenced with keynote speaker Amy Cuddy on the main stage. Cuddy’s research has shown how our body language can affect how others perceive us. However, more interestingly, it also affects how we see ourselves. By ‘power posing’ – standing in a powerful posture of confidence – for just two minutes we can boost our feelings of confidence, and increase our chances of success at whatever we are about to undertake. So, before your next meeting, job interview or speech, give this a try!


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