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Interview with Adriana Azuara

As CEO of All4Spas, creator of Agave Spa product line, wellness expert and a recognized Latin American Wellness Leader, what can you tell us about your career journey that few people know? Before becoming an entrepreneur, I was a preschool teacher, a storyteller, and I set up a library. In addition, I co-created a reading […]

Global Wellness Summit 2023: Day Three

Global Wellness Summit Day 1 Global Wellness Summit Day 2   Leaving the World Better Than We Found It: Lessons from a Small Country Sophie Howe, Global Wellbeing Advisor, Sophie Howe Associates, United Kingdom Our future generations need to be happy, healthy, and connected with nature. If we’re not thinking about planetary health and climate […]

Global Wellness Summit 2023: Day Two

Global Wellness Summit Day 1 Global Wellness Summit Day 3   From the Treatment Room to the Board Room: A Life of Transformation Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder & Global President, Elemis, United Kingdom Noella talked of the responsibility of brands to deliver holistic treatments rather than just treating the skin, there is a reason all Elemis […]

Global Wellness Summit 2023: Day One

Global Wellness Summit Day 2 Global Wellness Summit Day 3   Transformation in the Natural World: Life Is Change Louie Schwartzberg, Founder & Filmmaker, Moving Art, United States Louie Schwartzberg opened the event with stunning videos of Mexican monarch butterflies, highlighting their dwindling numbers due to the use of roundup in North America and announced […]

The 2023 Global Wellness Summit Has Relocated to Miami

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the most prestigious conference on the $4.4 trillion business of wellness, today announced the relocation of its highly anticipated, 17th annual conference. In light of recent developments and growing concerns surrounding instability in the Middle East region, GWS has made the difficult but necessary decision to relocate the 2023 event […]

Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe 2023 Spa Awards

Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe premia a los mejores spas en México, El Caribe y América Latina. Con la develación de los mejores spa en esta región Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe fomenta el conocimiento y la difusión de la floreciente industria del bienestar entre los expertos en turismo, salud y bienestar, además de informar a la población […]

Energetic Healing

Awakening Kundalini Kundalini activation or kundalini awakening is a wellness revolution and growing trend; an ancient technique that different schools are helping to expand around the world via trainings and group sessions in resorts and wellness events worldwide, especially in popular destinations such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali and Spain. Due to the demand for […]

Wellness Experience: Human Regenerator, London, England

As new technology arises and the quest for wellness and longevity continues, inspiring new methods of biohacking and combating cellular degeneration appear. The Human Regenerator device aims to regenerate the cells of the body via cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) technology. CAP consists of electrons, ions, excited atoms, and molecules and is said to reduce oxidative […]

Spa Experience: Vitalí Spa, Mexico City, Mexico

On arrival at Vitalí Spa in the quaint neighborhood of Condesa, Mexico City, guests are welcomed at the detox bar, where an assortment of healthy shots, juices and home brewed kombucha are served. Continue to the movement space where an instructor guides guests through a sequence of gentle stretches and movements to increase body awareness […]

Spa Experience: Nizuc Spa by ESPA, Nizuc Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Nizuc Spa recently introduced an array of advanced technology, med-spa services offering guests a multitude of options such as lifting and firming facials, in addition to slimming, toning and body sculpting treatments. The TempSure facial utilizes radio frequency to firm the skin and treat wrinkles and fine lines, far from feeling like med-spa treatment, this […]

Spa Experience: Spa Amor en Silencio, Mansion Solis, Morelia, Mexico

Just minutes from the colonial downtown of Morelia, Michoacan, along the 240 year-old aqueduct, guests can enjoy the tranquility of the Amor en Silencio spa, located in the Mansion Solis hotel, developed by well-known singer Marco Antonio Solis. An initial consultation includes choosing the intensity of the massage and selecting the essential oil that appeals […]