An impressive Chinese Dragon performance opened the summit with vibrant shades of red across the stage. Susie Ellis spoke of the inception of the summit and the evolution of the agenda and growth of the event and it's importance globally.


The research has helped to define and quantify the industry and its global expansion, where just over 10 years ago there was none; wellness was a word that was hardly used and data was scarce. The GWS now has 28 initiatives, such as wellness tourism, sound healing, wellness coaching, Susie shared the news that the GWI has been invited to participate in the World Economic Forum, a huge achievement. "Mission accomplished" Susie states, "wellness has become a global force, what's next?"

BuDhaGirl CEO Jessica Jesse reminds us that when we place our attention on the richness of life rather than what we believe we lack, joy naturally emerges. The Jewish diarist Anne Frank also understood the power of this inner shift. After a life of hiding during the Nazi occupation, she wrote, “I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.”

Susan Cain, ISPA’s keynote speaker on day one, posed the question; “Is the ideal spa owner bold, alpha and gregarious? What about the ideal manager? The ideal healer? Most of the messages that are received by children are that extroversion is the ‘right’ way to be and act. Introversion and extroversion govern who we are, how we act and how we are wired.

This year, we are pleased to present the winner of the Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe 2019 Sustainability Award, sponsored by Eminence Organic Skin Care, to a resort focused on truly sustainable practices, including the reduction of plastic waste.

The success of our Expert Panel has inspired us to add more international leaders to our team,


Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe awards the Best Spas of the region including Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America. Revealing the results of the best spas in the region, Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe increases knowledge and awareness of the thriving wellness industry among tourism and wellness experts, in addition to informing the general population of the wonderful the benefits of our region's spectacular spas.


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Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe premia a los mejores spas en México, el Caribe y América Latina. Con la develación de los mejores spa en esta región Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe fomenta el conocimiento y la difusión de la floreciente industria del bienestar entre los expertos en turismo y bienestar, además de informar a la población general de los grandes beneficios de los espectaculares spas en nuestra región.


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Tailored teen therapies are offered to instill wellness to mind, body, and spirit at a young age whether it’s about looking selfie-ready or simply sharing a moment with family.

Thirty members and partners of the Wellness Tourism Association gathered May 29th and 30th for our Second Annual Meeting.

On September 7th Therapy & Essence Laboratories held their eighth seminar on biotechnological actives 2019 in Mexico City,

After this year’s successful Expo Spa event held in Mexico City, a group of delegates, industry leaders and brand owners joined together on a trip to Huatulco where the group of 30+ stayed in one of four locations around the budding, eco-tourism destination.

The Four Seasons Punta Mita resort, located on the southwest Mexican Pacific coast, offers guests spectacular views of the ocean and unique sunsets, in its facilities inspired by Mexican culture and traditions.

O.Spa.Salon Sierra Madre spans the entire top floor of a prestigious plaza in San Pedro Garza Garcia, a suburb in the metropolis of Monterrey.

Tucked away in the ‘pueblo’ of Tulum, Leaf Spa forms part of the Central Park condo complex, alongside the Los Amigos Gym and Climbing Wall and Sugar-free restaurant.

Grande Spa at Jewel Grande Montego Bay offers guests a range of spa and wellness experiences in their Italian inspired villa setting with 14 treatment suites including a couple’s room with spacious showers and hydrotherapy elements.

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