As a wellness leader, you’ve been thinking about how to take better care of yourself while helping your family and colleagues be healthier too.

Julie Keller Callaghan, the former editor-in-chief and publisher of American Spa, has joined Hutchinson Consulting as an executive recruiter and marketing and communications specialist.

Preliminary findings part of a National Consumer Experience Program by ValidCare, a market intelligence and research solutions company for hemp-based product businesses, are now available.

While visiting Asia for the Global Wellness Summit, it seemed only fitting to look for one of the many excellent retreat-style spa resorts to experience while over that side of the world.

The Global Wellness Summit for 2019 was held in Singapore, where a group of more than 500 industry leaders gathered.

A resort company at the forefront of wellness travel in Mexico, is the family-owned Velas Group of properties. Leading the way now for three years with their innovative ‘Wellnessing Getaways’, Grand Velas Resorts sets the scene for wellness and self-care while still providing for fun, extravagant and more indulgent experiences like dining, wine tasting and tequila or mezcal sampling.

St. Regis Punta Mita boasts rare white sand beaches for the area and lush, tropical foliage.

If positive energy was a commodity to buy, the first Women in Wellness (WIW) West Coast Leadership Conference would be a charging station.

Nestled between white sand beaches and the expansive Tucker’s Point Golf Course, sits the majestic looking Rosewood Bermuda.

In addition to having a team of professionals trained in Europe, All4Spas continually seeks out alliances with experts in the field.

With decades of hands-on work and experience, the Color Up team has a firm commitment to education as their mission:

In a world of sameness, cookie cutter spa menus and increasing sophistication with today’s spa goer, how do you create a marketing message that will set you apart from the crowd and resonate with the potential and current guests?

Christine Clinton Cancer Care is an Internationally recognized 3-day training program offered to Spa professionals around the globe.

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