Herbalism is the ancestral knowledge that explores the energetic and medicinal properties of plants, spices and flowers, with a single purpose: human well-being. This practice is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the efficiency of its remedies and its accessibility.

La herbolaria es el conjunto de conocimientos ancestrales que explora las propiedades energéticas y medicinales de plantas, especias y flores, con un solo propósito: el bienestar humano. Esta práctica es reconocida por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) por la eficiencia de sus remedios y su accesibilidad.

The 4th annual "Shark Tank of Wellness" global student competition launches today, February 15, 2019. This unique challenge rewards students for their most innovative, impactful ideas for the wellness industry.

“The second World Wellness Weekend (W3) fueled the creativity of hospitality, spa and wellness professionals in 88 countries to catch the attention of the media and inspire millions of people to try new fun activities. 40 associations and federations supported this global wellness event.” said Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of W3.

Dos Casas Hotel has launched IRIS SPA in charge of Bonnie Baker professional with more than 20 years of experience in the industry of wellness, hospitality and focus on "mindbodygreen" (wellness ecoturism) in collaboration with NATUROPATHICA.

When 650 wellness experts from 50 nations gather to debate the future of wellness, a uniquely informed and global view of trends unfolds. That’s what transpired at the recent Global Wellness Summit (GWS), which brought together leaders from the medical, travel, spa, beauty, fitness, nutrition, technology, financial and architecture worlds to debate where wellness is headed. 

In October, Biologique Recherche was honored to win the prestigious Global Wellness Award for: Leader in Social Impact at the 2018 Global Wellness Summit in Cesena, Italy.

Meliá has been recognize as the third best sustainable company world-wide on its sector "Hotels, resorts and cruise lines", and second in Europe, behind giants of the industry such as Intercontinental and Hilton in the ranking of the sustainable investment agency RobecoSAM; responsible for carrying out the evaluation of the companies to determine the composition of the selective Dow Jones Sustainability Index - reference index in ESG investment.

The year-old Wellness Tourism Association, now with close to 60 members and partners from eight countries, has announced May 28-31, 2019 as the dates for their second annual meeting and have selected Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona as the venue.

The Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI) Spa & Wellness Consulting Initiative - a collection of over 150 global consultants - has released the first-ever consultancy survey results data in the form of an infographic.

The beautiful resort of Banyan Tree Mayakoba sits just north of Playa del Carmen and offers an authentic Asian experience to its guests, right here in Mexico. Luxury suites and a variety of restaurants await guests in addition to the stunning and well equipped Banyan Tree Spa. Like the sacred tree, Banyan Tree Spa aims to offer guests a sanctuary for the senses where physical, mental and spiritual renewal can take place.


The impressive private ‘Rainforest hydrothermal circuit’ at Banyan Tree Mayakoba comprises a cascading rain shower walk over a foot-stimulating pebbled floor, aroma steam, sauna, hamam with body and hair masks, invigorating experience showers, an ice fountain and brine cavern. Enjoy these before finishing up in the vitality pool with strong hydrotherapy jets and hot Jacuzzis to work on muscle tension.


A visit to Chablé, Yucatan is ideal for a wellness experience, with relaxation, spa, gastronomy, yoga, visiting wellness specialists and a variety of daily activities for guests to choose from. During my stay, I had a consultation with Paul Emery, whose technique has proven successful with many, healing old injuries and releasing various points of tension around the body. My friend and I were invited to take part in a Mayan ritual with the ‘Abuela Maya’ - Mayan Grandmother. After the traditional ritual of facing the four cardinal points, the sky above and mother earth below, the ‘Abuela’ asked if we had any specific questions we would like answering. The questions flowed and she shared her wisdom and some predictions for the future for each of us; I’m still waiting for some of mine to materialize but it certainly created a fun, personalized experience for us to enjoy.

Puerto Vallarta, land of sun, sea, sand and traditions, presents a spa with nuances of Jalisco. Where ingredients and rituals are created from the iconic plant recognized worldwide, which is also used to make Mexico’s famous tequila drink: the agave.


Maiavé Spa takes inspiration from Mayahuel, the beautiful Aztec goddess who, in her transformation, chose the fertile soil of Jalisco as her home. On the night of a full moon she became a majestic agave and provided for her beloved people, food, drink and shade.

The General session opened with an enchanting performance from spoken word artist Pacia Elaine, before ISPA chairman, Garrett Mersberger took the stage to welcome the 2000+ attendees and present the ISPA 2018 Visionary Award posthumously to Lori Hutchinson of Hutchinson Consulting who connected people and touched lives across the spa industry for decades before passing in 2016.


Shawn Achor spoke passionately about happiness as a choice. We all have a genetic predisposition to a certain level of happiness and there are ways we can maximize this. Different to pleasure, happiness is the joy we feel when moving towards our potential. You can experience happiness even when life is not pleasurable. Starting a company or running a marathon, for example, can be painful and un-pleasurable experiences, but can result in immense happiness. A brief, fun experiment proved how easy it is to influence others by smiling. Not only do smiles spread, but stress, nervousness and negativity also spread just as easily. What is interesting in terms of human connection is that with a friend next to us, the brain actually perceives challenges as easier to overcome.

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