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Global Spa Summit Launches Spa Evidence

This year the Global Spa Summit, held in Bali, May 2011, launched ‘Spa Evidence’ via their website.  This fascinating collection of scientific research covers a vast array of spa treatments and alternative therapies presented clearly and simply for the use of spa industry professionals and spa goers alike.

Once on the site I could barely tear myself away. The wealth of objective information will help to serve the industry by providing evidence of the beneficial effects of so many therapies.  I am sure this will be used in the future, if not already by insurance companies looking to lower payouts by improving the health of their customers with preventative therapies, corporations aiming to reduce sick days in their workforce due to stress related illnesses and spas to provide proof of the effects of their therapies and further evidence that a course of treatment is needed rather than single sessions.

Spa Evidence is a greatly welcomed resource to the global spa industry with fantastic potential.  Thank you Global Spa Summit!

Author: Fabiola