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Does your Spa Receptionist know enough about your Spa?

Recently, we called several resort spas and spoke to the spa receptionist, (one Mexican to another, therefore without any language barriers) and asked a couple of questions, the results were astonishing…

When I think about visiting a Spa one of the first things I want to know is the product brand they will use for the treatments. Now I understand that as a spa professional my knowledge of the brands is more extensive than most, but many of our clients are seasoned spa goers who would like to know this information beforehand.

When asked what product brand their spa used 57% of the spa receptionists replied saying they didn’t know and no effort was made to find out. What would be the answer from your Spa Receptionist? Is this information they are trained in or are they just there to accept bookings without the knowledge to back it up?  If so then your Spa is no doubt missing out on both treatment and retail revenue.

Only 35% had immediate knowledge and were able to advise us of their product brands (well done to these spas!), 4% replied by saying we should send an email to receive this information and a further 4% said they would not give out this information. This last category gave perhaps the most worrying response we came across, implying that they have the information but that potential clients are not allowed to know this information before arriving at the spa or resort.

I return now to my initial question; does your Spa Receptionist know enough about your Spa? Try having a friend or a colleague from another department call your spa and ask some basic questions that you would assume they should be able to answer, the results may surprise you!

Author: Fabiola