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Coyle Hospitality Group Reveals Trends and Priorities of Today’s Spa Consumer

Coyle Hospitality Group, a market leader providing mystery shopping and market research services exclusively to hospitality companies worldwide, announces the results of its 2011 Global Spa Report completed by 1,025 respondents from 34 countries on 6 continents in March 2011.

June 20, 2011

(New York, NY) Coyle Hospitality Group is pleased to release the results of their new 2011 Global Spa Report, which reveals what today’s spa consumers really want. With the economic recovery remaining fragile, spa owners need to continue proactively addressing the spa consumers’ priorities and needs. Why do people go to spas? What spa deals are capturing their attention? What is the impact of deal websites like Groupon? And, most importantly, how do spas retain clients and get them to inform their social networks? This exclusive research provides spa professionals better insight into understanding their clients and promoting greater customer loyalty and client retention. The following is a sampling of Coyle’s findings:

  • 47% of spa consumers listed “improving appearance” as one reason they visit a spa
  • 69% of those surveyed visited a spa based on word-of-mouth
  • 52% of respondents have used Groupon to source spa information, a tremendous increase up from only 22% in 2010
  • 66% of respondents have utilized online-deal sites to book a service
  • 86% of respondents would feel comfortable receiving a follow-up correspondence post-visit

Primary Reason for Spa Visits

The full report details the extensive results of Coyle’s analysis and further addresses some key questions such as: Will the deal savvy consumer actually return to my business and pay the going rate? What marketing efforts and promotions work best?

Coyle recognizes that consumers’ decision-making processes differ based on the industry; in spas, emotions are the drivers. Unlike other market research companies, Coyle doesn’t ask people what they ‘would’ do, but rather, what they have done and tries to ask open-ended questions rather than multiple choice wherever possible.


Coyle Hospitality Group


Author: Fabiola