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Welcome to the summer issue of Spa Professional Mexico. The last few months have seen a few changes take place for the publication; you will now notice that we will publish seasonally instead of bimonthly.  The publication will now only be sent out electronically for all to read online. For this reason I ask all of you to share the signup link below with your staff, colleagues, managers and friends (http://eepurl.com/cmdeH)

I recently attended the 6th Annual Global Spa Summit in Aspen, Colorado. In addition to attending the conference, the trip was also a welcome mountain break from the heat and humidity of summer in the Riviera Maya! The conference itself, held at the international think-tank Aspen Institute, was packed full of industry and non-industry speakers from a variety of backgrounds and countries. The record 325 delegates hailing from 40 nations embodied an impressive representation of the industry’s leaders from around the world.
With 50 innovative and idea-packed presentations delegates were urged to think outside the box and challenge the industry norms. Most notably Dr. Richard Carmona, 17th Surgeon General, U.S. & Vice Chairman, Canyon Ranch challenged us to “bring the spa to the hood” a thought that was echoed by Peter Rummell, Chairman, Urban Land Institute & Former Chairman, Disney Imagineering who, as an outsider to the industry caused a strong reaction when claiming that the “deadly definition of spa” is that “it is for rich, white women”. The theme of spa for all seemed to play strong with some of the student challenge presentations also, as they carefully considered price points to ensure the availability of spa and wellness to as many of their target market as possible. Turn to page 25 for more information and a link to the website and presentations, now available to all.
Sara Jones
Author: Fabiola

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