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Celebrating 10 Years!

As some of you may know, I moved to Mexico from the Middle East where I had worked in the spa and wellness industry in Dubai for close to five years, to join Rosewood Mayakoba as spa director at their exclusive Riviera Maya property. I was tasked with redeveloping the treatment menu, creating new experiences and bringing in new product lines – a really exciting challenge! I asked my team, “Where is the industry magazine, so we can see what’s available to us here?” and the response was, “What do you mean, industry magazine?” There was none!

The seed was planIMG 2314ted and the light bulb went on; I thought to myself, how can there not yet be an industry magazine in this incredible country that I knew would be so relevant in the flourishing spa and wellness, and wellness tourism industries due to its proximity to North America. I realized this would be a really good opportunity for someone (I didn’t realize that it would be for me! Interesting business ideas occur to me all the time, but this one stuck in my mind.)

Over the coming months, I kept returning to the idea until one day I decided to take a leap of faith, jumping in with two feet. I researched everything about publishing, journalism and magazine creation and with my love for the industry and the energy and excitement of creation along with my study of psychology, I put a business plan together and invested everything I had, all my savings, into starting a new company: Spa Professional Mexico was born, originally just for Mexico until its rebranding and expansion to include the Caribbean and Latin America as Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe.

Since this time, we have shared news from our beautiful region and the wellness practices offered here, with the worldwide community and brought global news and trends here to our Latin American and Caribbean communities, for everyone (at all levels of the industry) to read in both Spanish and English. The industry as a whole has grown considerably and to have played even a small part in supporting that growth makes me incredibly proud.

Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe has only survived and thrived over the years due to the immense support from our community via advertising, sponsorship, article contribution, collaboration of content and sharing of information and for that I am incredibly appreciative, our community rocks! Cheers to the next ten years.


Author: Fabiola