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Thermal Bathing

Guests today are increasingly interested in the healing power of nature and its influence on our wellbeing. Across Europe, thermal mineral spas have, for decades, combined the natural therapeutic benefits of hot springs with modern medical knowledge to treat numerous health conditions – particularly those focused on increasing mobility and relieving physical pain and tension. The effects of mineral-rich thermal waters can reduce muscle tension and inflammation, help regenerate cartilage, and support the production of collagen and elastin in sinews and connective tissue.

In many locations with thermal water, specific mineral and chemical compounds also form curative sulphurous mud, a unique peloid which is the result of long-term chemical reactions of thermal water with local soft rocks and specific bacterial microflora. This mud will have a mineral content unique to each location and can be used in spa treatments through mud baths, mud compresses, and mud wraps.

At Ensana Hotels, thermal water bathing, curative mud treatments and a full range of physio and massage treatments over several days are combined to form a holistic wellness program including exercise and nutrition. The range of therapies provided is broad, from manual and mechanical techniques such as physiotherapy, massage and stretching; to the regenerative benefits of physical therapies utilizing electricity, magnetism, light or ultrasound.

People around the world are realizing the benefits of taking proactive steps to improve their health. These natural remedies provide an offering that is truly unique; no two locations will produce thermal water or mud with the exact same mineral content and benefits. Offering guests experiences that incorporate thermal mud or water gives them a direct connection to the earth and the land around them. Due to the therapeutic effects, combining a soak in thermal water or a mud wrap with a massage increases the benefits – and certainly creates a more memorable experience.

By Mark Hennebry
Chairman, Ensana Health Spa Hotels
Vice Chair, Global Wellness Institute Hot Springs Initiative

Author: Fabiola