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A Spa Experience: Tranquility Spa, Hammock Cove Antigua

Hammock Cove Antigua is a couples-only retreat nestled on the eastern coast of the island, a stone’s throw from the beautiful and historic Devils Bridge landmark offering majestic views of the coastline. The property can be described as small, cozy, and picturesque; it includes 41 rooms, all with either a waterfront or ocean view.

The therapeutic colors of the spa reception set the tone for tranquil elegance. Upon entering the spa area your senses are soothed by the sound of the waterfall emanating from the refreshing spa pool at the end of the courtyard, where guests can lounge while awaiting their wellness experiences.

The spacious spa treatment rooms with soft lighting and cool color tones create a peaceful ambiance and the illusion of just you and your therapist. The combination of lighting, cool temperatures and gentle spa music are further complimented by the sound of the waterfall outside. The guest is then enveloped on a slightly heated massage bed as aromas of essential oils soothe the senses and allow the mind to ease into a restful repose. The massage is deep yet therapeutic, a perfect start to an island escape vacation.


By Tricia Greenaway
CEO and Founder
Wellness Footprints Antigua

Author: Fabiola