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The Future of Wellness 2021

The Future of Wellness

Hollywood and the Entertainment Industries Jump into Wellness

Wellness will become a bigger, more meaningful programming focus as Big Media digests the huge cultural force wellness has become and offers it to all. Smart TVs offer wellness ‘channels’ on their home screens while wellness companies become TV studios: meditation-apps, Calm and Headspace, recently scored TV shows, translating their meditative experiences into immersive television. Celebrities are all over wellness, not just as spokespeople but as company founders and major investors.

Music is for stress, sleep, focus, a better workout or just ambient bliss, and is now considered ‘music-as-therapy.’ Meditation apps are wellness music ‘record labels’. Generative music technology will consider your biometric info to provide you with ‘sound-as-precision-medicine’.

The future: more collaborations between Big Media and the wellness world. A trend that could impact billions of lives!

Author: Fabiola