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Earth medicine: the value of real aromatherapy

Nature has provided humanity with a very powerful materia medica: essential oils. In Europe, aromatherapy is considered the queen of therapy in the 21st century. Some of the healing modalities carried out with essential oils through years of practice and experience with my patients I can call almost miraculous, if there were no scientific basis for how essential oils work.

Essential oils have the ability to enter and leave the body with great efficiency, without leaving any toxic residue. The most effective ways to use them are via steam inhalation and massage, mixing them with carrier oils. They can be used in hot compresses, sitz baths, foot baths and regular baths; in diffusers and much more.

Biodynamic agriculture has been practiced on our planet for centuries, and humans have used plants and their saps for healing. By respecting the cultivation cycles, the sun, earth, water and other vital details, a high-quality organic essential oil is produced and has the ability to heal. Aromatherapy is not new, it has worked for thousands of years, not only fighting germs, but also providing solutions for the mind, mood and emotional states. Not only do essential oils have the potential to heal the physical body and its ailments, but also to help the psyche and positively and naturally affect human emotion.

By Doris Magdalena Stallforth
Primavera Life

Author: Fabiola

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