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Post Pandemic Environmental Responsibility

It goes without saying that single-use PPE (Plastic Process Equipment) has been vital recently. When experts were initially unsure how coronavirus was transmitted, we utilized disposable items to minimize the spread. Unfortunately now, an increasing number of masks, gloves, and plastics are washing up on shores. The understandable need for disposable items came with consequences: a setback in environmental progress.

Spa and wellness businesses offer a place for healing and restoration, it’s only fitting that we nurture the health of our planet too. We must keep up our pre-pandemic sustainability momentum, whilst still keeping our guests safe.

Consider these points when transitioning your spa to a post-pandemic, plastic-free environment.

1. Awareness: It’s important to be aware of all single-use plastic products and continuously look for ways to reduce them, encouraging staff and guests to participate. Choose glassware over single use plastic, and ensure proper disinfection. If you must use bottled water, find brands that use plant based or compostable plastics. Encourage guests to bring their own water bottle (or sell a branded reusable bottle) and offer filling at touchless water stations.

2. Sanitization: Be clean and green by swapping out disinfecting wipes and paper towels; instead use bleach, alcohol and soap to launder reusable items such as utensils, cups, towels and cleaning rags. Organic cleaning products are still antibacterial; research non-toxic products with clean ingredients that work for your environment.

3. Communication: When transitioning back to water stations, reusable cups, plates and utensils, let your guests know the protocols in place to maintain their safety. Post signage throughout the property to describe your sanitization practices and commitment to the environment. Communicate these values to your guests’ during check-in and departure.

Learn more about greening your spa or wellness property with the GSN Planet’s COVID-19 Sustainability Guide

By Megan Tymesko
GSN Planet

Author: Fabiola

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