Can we go plastic-free?

Here at emerginC we’re changing our packaging to glass, plastic-free resin caps, and Brazilian sugarcane-based plastics as part of our continued effort to cut down on fossil fuel use and reduce our environmental footprint. Sugarcane substitutes fossil raw materials and decreases greenhouse gas emission by using organic fertilization, and by being a renewable feedstock. Sugarcane is rarely irrigated in Brazil since the water is provided by rainfall. During sugar production, water is used minimally. Sugarcane ethanol only inhabits a small part of Brazil’s arable area. Diseases that threaten sugarcane are treated using biological controls and genetic improvement programs instead of using genetically modified methods.

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For a long time we have carried out collection and donation from our supplies: lids and PET for recycling. We are undertaking a campaign in partnership with the ‘recycling and helping’ initiative of the Mexican Association of Children with Cancer, AMANC.


Through the recycling of the lids and PET they receive by donation, they generate economic resources to continue providing assistance for the treatment of children and adolescents with scarce economic resources. Therefore, we will install collection deposits in our facilities, extending the invitation to join our customers and distributors. In addition to assisting AMANC, as a socially responsible company, we seek environmentally responsible procedures for recycling.


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Therapy & Essence Laboratorios


At Soleil Toujours, our global operations run at a net zero carbon footprint and we offset all carbon emissions through verified offset projects working with cooleffect.org.


By the end 2021, we will replace 95% of all petroleum based plastic packaging with bioplastic made from sugarcane, ocean waste plastic, and/or post-consumer recyclable plastic. We also ship our products with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper.


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