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Liferhythms: A guided meditation to create personalized affirmations with music


As personalized sound healing and music compositions explode into the wellness space, I found the approach of LifeRythms uniquely interesting. Audio alchemist, Robert Alexander offers customized affirmation sessions, easily scheduled virtually. The session is akin to a guided meditation and the client is asked to prepare by ensuring they have a calm and quiet space to connect online and with the intention of getting in touch with their feelings to aid the flow of the session. Starting with the discovery phase, Robert will learn about your current life experience and intentions for the future before asking you to embark on an inward journey. Guided visualization helps uncover behavior patterns; potential blocks are identified before affirmations are finalized and recorded verbally.

These personal affirmations are then embedded into a musical track customized specifically for you, to listen to each morning, evening or as needed to instantly transport yourself back to the feeling of meditative calm experienced during the session and focus your mind on the intentions that were set in that moment.

Could wellness resorts and retreats offer something similar in the near future? Music and sound has the ability to instantly bring back memories and miraculously change our mood. As personalization becomes key in offering bespoke experiences, the auditory element is one of great importance and could be utilized far more in resort and wellness retreat settings.


By Sara Jones, editor

Author: Fabiola