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Believe in new wellness possibilities: resilience and adaptability to learn and grow

This article is written just for you and people like you, leaders who want to use their energy to create a healthier, more sustainable world by advancing wellness wherever they are. We hope you find this to be an inspiration and valuable resource for bringing to life The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease in your organization, community or family.


In 1962, when US President John F. Kennedy declared a daring dream of landing on the moon, the phrase moonshot entered humanity’s language and consciousness. Today, moonshot commonly refers to “a monumental effort and a lofty goal—in other words, a ‘giant leap.’” From implementing circular economies that turn trash into treasure to feeding 2050s ten billion people, moonshots are wild aspirations that require us to make a dramatic break from how we’ve done things in the past and set an entirely new course for our future. When you embrace a moonshot, you lean into an ambition that seems impossible in the face of people saying it cannot be done. Yet, looking through the lens of humankind’s magnificence, it’s crystal clear: People accomplish the improbable and extraordinary every day. What makes the difference between those who do and those who don’t is equal parts inspiration, a limitless imagination, and immense resolve—all of which are sustained by an enduring power to believe.


The focus of The Wellness Moonshot for January is BELIEVE. To believe in something, such as an audacious moonshot, focuses your attention, energy and willpower. As a wellness leader, believing in fundamentally new wellness possibilities for yourself, your organization and the world means you understand that, even with setbacks on the path toward your aspirations, you have the resilience and adaptability to learn and grow along the way. And the opportunities to profoundly affect wellness are endless! For example, you can help prevent and mitigate future pandemics, improve mental health, create programs in your community to protect our environment and provide affordable clean energy, or launch a healthy eating program at your office or school. No matter what direction you choose, believing in The Wellness Moonshot requires your trust that a healthier future is possible and unwavering optimism that you can affect change for the better.

We are here to support you! By committing to The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease, you are part of a network that is close to seven million people strong globally and growing—when we join forces, we believe nothing is impossible.


Our beliefs shape our realities. What we believe can impact our illness and wellness, our longevity, our sense of self-efficacy to influence change, the satisfaction and trust in our romantic partnerships, how we lead, and every other aspect of life and work. So, how can you harness the power of believing to energize a wellness moonshot that matters? Get started by incorporating these practices in January and throughout the year.

Lead Wellness for Yourself

Begin by discovering the unconscious beliefs driving you. Do you believe the world is a friendly or dangerous place? Just or unfair? Competitive or cooperative? How you live and lead, plus how you think about wellness, largely depends on the sort of world you think this is. You can unearth your hidden beliefs by taking the Primal World Beliefs assessment developed by over 70 researchers. Once you receive your assessment results, ask yourself: How do my views of the world open possibilities to radically empower wellness in my life and the lives of others? And how might my worldviews be limiting me? Now that you’ve brought these beliefs to light, they are less apt to have an unconscious hold on you.

Walk the moonshot talk personally. Create a wellness moonshot just for you. What is your vision as a vibrant leader and human being? And, how will you use this vision to guide your decisions and actions? (If you aren’t sure how to create a personal vision for your life and leadership, check out these steps.) To build a better world in which others can thrive, walk your talk by including yourself.

Lead Wellness for Your Team & Organization

Apply The Wellness Moonshot initiative across your organization. Urge your teams to use The Wellness Moonshot articles as part of their work routines. For example, begin a team meeting with a centering breath, structure renewal into the lifecycle of a project, or learn how to express gratitude to each other. This database of articles offers tools and practices on a variety of wellness topics to help you and your team make wellbeing part of the ethos and culture at work. Plus, send these articles to your organization’s stakeholders and invite them to become part of this larger wellness leadership movement. Or, like these wellness thought leaders in China, India and Israel, work with your community, city or country to create strategic partnerships through The Wellness Moonshot.

Raise the bar. Create a wellness moonshot for your organization by tapping into your employees’ creativity and experiences. If you foster an environment where people are listened to non-judgmentally and even the craziest of ideas are encouraged and valued, people will surprise you with something truly original that they can believe in. Remember: Your aim is to craft a moonshot together that can fundamentally transform wellness inside and outside of your organization. How will you know when you’ve hit the mark? Your organization’s wellness moonshot will be inspiring, bold and worthwhile.

Don’t forget to join in The Wellness Moonshot BELIEVE celebration on January 28 to inspire and learn from others!

We’ll touch on many topics about the qualities and skills of wellness leadership this year. Plus, check out each of these Wellness Moonshot articles from past years. Each has strategies to support you on your wellness leadership journey.


Author: Fabiola

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