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Meditation Apps

Meditation apps

Home to 18 million meditators, 9,000 meditation teachers, and over 60,000 free guided-meditations, Insight Timer is the world’s most popular meditation app. If you’re new to meditation, you’ll find introductory guided meditations, a variety of courses including one to teach you how to meditate, and a supportive community to assist you with getting started. If you’re an experienced meditator, you’ll feel right at home with the beautiful Tibetan singing bowls and guided meditations by experienced teachers that you know and respect.

Follow playlists, teachers, or topics, join meet-ups, find celebrity guests sharing their experience of meditation and tools that have helped them and even gain access to live meditations, with much of the content available in a variety of languages.

insight app

Insight Timer


Petit BamBou is not just an app to meditate. Its purpose is to help develop the habit of meditation in a simple way and to maintain it over time. They achieve this through an innovative method by which you only need to dedicate 10 minutes a day to this practice. It is worth mentioning the extensive catalogue, with more than 500 meditations on different subjects such as stress, anxiety, fear, sleep, or work; all of them developed by experts in mindfulness, psychologists and psychiatrists. Also highly recommended are its environmental sounds of nature to relax at any time.

Meditation apps

Petit BamBou


eM Life offers live and on-demand mindfulness programs that help you make every moment matter. The expert-led, virtual mindfulness solutions allow you to create connections with yourself and others while building skills to manage stress and anxiety, improve focus and sleep, practice mindful eating, and enhance your overall well-being. Through eM Life’s pay-it-forward program Vibe Tribes, you can create or join a tribe around a shared sense of purpose for the world. For every minute of mindfulness you practice, eMindful matches and donates those minutes to charity.

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eM Life


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