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A Spa Experience: Mayan Clay Spa – Bathhouse

Tucked away in the small ‘pueblo’ of Macario Gomez, on the road between the beach town of Tulum, Riviera Maya and the magical Mayan ruins of Coba, you will find a unique spa and wellness experience, truly like no other. The Mayan Clay Bathhouse Villa and grounds are a secluded sanctuary where guests are invited to enjoy a wellness journey spanning three hours. Guests are welcomed to the property with the warm smell of copal incense, a tree resin sacred to the Mayan people said to cleanse the aura in addition to negative energy.

Begin by jumping into a freshwater cenote pool to revive and awaken the body and mind, perfect after any length of drive! This is followed by a full-body rosemary, sea salt, and oil exfoliation to invigorate the skin; performed by a therapist while seated on a small stool by the edge of the pool, lulled by the tranquil music that fills the grounds, accompanied by the song of indigenous birds. Guests are then guided down the jungle pathway to the treatment room where they receive a Mayan Clay massage. This renowned rich yellow clay detoxifies the skin while infusing minerals which help to regenerate the skin and combat free radical damage. Perfect to reduce inflammation, Mayan Clay can also treat mosquito bites, acne, sunburn, and helps to provide relief from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. The clay is applied to the entire body including the face and hair, this is followed by a unique bathing ritual – an immersion into a large pool of warm clay where you relax, shaded by the trees. Apply additional clay to the face and perhaps meditate or embrace the fun of play with your friends.

The therapist then washes the clay from the hair, face and body with bowls of water, alternating warm and cold water to prepare for the next phase of the journey: heat and cold therapy utilizing the sauna and cenote pool. Guests are seated in the sauna for as long as they can embrace the heat, then asked to plunge into the cenote pool to refresh. This sequence is repeated three times before returning to the treatment room for a papaya fruit mask application over the body and face. Papaya contains enzymes that reduce inflammation and break down dead skin cells, making it an excellent exfoliator to leave your skin bright and healthy. Complete this jungle ritual with an Epsom salt Jacuzzi bath sprinkled with local flowers while sipping hot tea – pure bliss.

Hosting couples for a more intimate experience or groups of friends embracing social connection, the Mayan Clay Bathhouse truly offers a unique fun-filled wellness experience.


By Sara Jones, Editor

Author: Fabiola

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