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Meditate with Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a powerful enhancement to the meditation experience due to their effect on neurotransmission. In meditation, we seek to quiet the mind and calm the nervous system, while awakening the consciousness.

There are two ways we take essential oils into the body: through topical application and via inhalation. If we use essential oil on pulse points or applied to the skin, the oil is absorbed through the dermal layers into the capillaries, traveling to vital organs. Inhaling the essential oils also has an effect on brainwave activity and on the psyche and emotions.

Some oils, such as sandalwood, are said to ‘awaken the consciousness’, wood and root oils including cedarwood and vetiver are also considered grounding and centering, which helps to balance and align energy during meditation.

A recommended routine is to use a diffuser during meditation to help set the mood and intention of the space and for aromatic inhalation. Also apply essential oils to pulse points. When the nervous system is calmed and we move out of ‘fight or flight’ to parasympathetic restoration and recovery, a peaceful state of being emerges, which is right where we want to be in meditation.

By Tara Grodjesk
President Tara Spa Therapy, VP Earthlite Spa and Wellness Division
www.earthlite.com/ www.taraspa.com

Author: Fabiola

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