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The World Spa and Wellness mini mentorship is receiving applications!

Complete your application by 15 January for an opportunity to connect and learn from global senior spa professionals. It is the perfect platform to develop your business and leadership skills, broaden your network, build your profile and presence within the spa industry, and open long-term opportunities with spa and wellness mentorship program.

This mini mentorship includes:

– A private one-to-one session with your mentor in February

– A group discussion with 3 fellow spa professionals, led by your mentor, to share your experiences and discuss solutions

– A live panel discussion to share your findings with the rest of the industry at the Online Conference 28 February – 2 March

Find out more about the programme and meet your mentors here.

You can be one of the lucky 36 spa professionals who will be get the opportunity to learn from our world-leading senior spa executives such as Emlyn Brown, Global Vice President Well-Being at Accor or Christelle Besnier, Senior Spa Director, Four Seasons Hotels. All you have to do is complete the short application form and send in your application by 15 January 2021.


Please send your application as well as attach your CV or LinkedIn page to Meghna Patel at in**@pr****************.uk by 15 January 2021 where we will be able to review your application for our mini mentorship.

Please note: To take part in the mini mentorship you will need to ensure that you are available in February for the one-to-one session with your mentor, Group discussion with your taskforce, led by your mentor and the live discussion at the online conference on 28 February – 2 March.

If you have any queries, please contact us on in**@pr****************.uk

Author: Fabiola