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The Importance of Organic ingredients

Taking care of your skin is essential and requires a commitment, after all, it is the largest organ in the body. Everything you apply to your skin enters the body and is absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, it is of great importance to use products that are organically formulated, 100% natural, free of chemical ingredients and above all, made with clean processes and green biotechnology.

Choosing products of organic origin to treat the skin is not a trend; It is a lifestyle. It is responsible, safe and effective, since it promotes regenerative and healing processes that help to keep the skin naturally healthy. These organic products must also hydrate, nourish, detoxify and be suitable for all skin conditions, even the most sensitive or reactive. Remember, by using organic ingredients you will avoid secondary problems linked to endocrine disruptors, thyroid problems, etc.

Organic ingredients are regulated by organizations that demand standards and guarantee sustainable, ecological and respectful practices for the environment, social responsibility and with the skin itself. A conscious cosmetic is made with the heart and soul, and the results are impeccable.

By Carmen Gómez
Integral Luxury

Author: Fabiola