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Global Wellness Summit 2020 – Day Three

Attendance in the main hall was a little sparse on day three after the fun of the socially distant disco the night before. I’m proud to say that I was one of the few who did make it on time!

Building a Wellness Business that Lasts

Rick Stollmeyer, Founder, Mindbody, US

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Having recently launched his book, Building A Wellness Business That Lasts, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Rick poses the question, what happens now? The modern wellness movement started in the ’80s, fueled by baby boomers, and was enabled by technology, namely VHS tapes and computers. The second wave fueled by Gen X reaching their 30s in the late ’90s and enabled by database technology and the internet. The third wave fueled by the Millennials reaching their 30s is characterized by specialization in fitness classes, smartphones, and monitoring technology such as fitness wearables.

This year, coronavirus disrupts the third wave, leading to the fourth wave arriving sooner than expected. We can expect more growth, however less brick, and mortar locations, hybrid online/offline, more home-based fitness, and corporate wellness. Wellness will now be democratized thanks to the latest technology AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) and cloud-based systems.

What’s required to succeed:

Your TAM (total addressable market) needs to be tightly defined, (geographic and demographic)

Specialized products and services

Hybrid delivery models that leverage the right tech

Scalable, repeatable business models

Innovation in the next 10 years will move at a rapid pace! Successful entrepreneurs have authentic enthusiasm, grit, agile thinking, and effective decision making.

Investor Pitch!

We then had a slight change to the agenda and heard from several investors about what they are looking for when they hear wellness industry startup pitches.

Ideas are plentiful, if you can convince them that you can execute the business, that’s what they are looking for. Be prepared, know your market. Have a strategic plan that includes finances, strategy, and execution.When the investors were asked about interest in Latin America, the response was positive – get your pitches ready! Typically, investors are looking for returns in 5 years, of course, it depends on the business model, some will look at longer timeframes up to 10 years and some in just 3-4 years. Ultra wellness and wellness communities are certainly at the forefront.

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Resetting Fitness

Chris Rondeau, CEO, Planet Fitness, US

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Living a better, healthier life has replaced ‘getting a beach body’ as the primary motivator for fitness. Planet Fitness has a price plan of $10 per month, truly making fitness available to almost everyone. About 1.5 million people in the US will die each year from preventable diseases related to lack of fitness, however, gyms and fitness centers have been forced to close across the country during the pandemic. The immediate launch of free fitness classes, available for all via Facebook live enabled Planet Fitness to stay connected to their audience and reach an even wider audience. The marketing message has certainly pivoted to now highlight cleanliness, even though the protocols for cleaning the equipment have always been in place.

You Don’t Have to Have Balls to Be a Leader!

Marisa Peer, Best-Selling Author, renowned therapist, UK

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In Marisa’s experience as a therapist, women fear failure and lack confidence far more than men. Women often try to ‘think like a man’ in the workplace.Marisa’s message is that you do not need to have testosterone to lead, play to your strengths as a woman. Women are better at praising people, start to praise yourself for your gifts, talents, and your unique potential – empower yourself and take on the traits of leaders and forget about imposter syndrome. Be the Oprah, the Sheryl who wrote lean in, be the Reese, and lead the way for others!

Shark Tank of Wellness Award Winners
$10,000 in Prize Money

Krysta Silva: Savannah College of Art and Design, US
Professor: Gauri Misra-Deshpande, Professor,
Savannah College of Art & Design, US

Wellness Innovation: Samii, a set of utensils thatdetects and alerts users to allergenic proteins in food.

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Global Soaking Event

Charles Davidson, Chairman & Creative Director, Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia

The Global Wellness Institute Hot Springs Initiative presents a music video invitation to join hot springs in eight countries throughout the world on November 13 (US) and November 14th (rest of the world) for a live-streamed journey into their bathing cultures and soaking rituals.

Join the Facebook event here:


Building the Future: Wellness Real Estate & Communities

Moderated by Nancy Davis, Chief Creative Officer, Executive Director, Global Wellness Summit, US

Dilip Barot, Founder, Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences, India & US

Alfredo A. Carvajal, Executive Vice President, Delos Living, LLC, US

Jeffrey Abramson, Partner, The Tower Companies, US

Craig Collin, Chief Operating Officer, Tavistock Development Company, US

Judy Mackey, Co-Owner, STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, US

Dr. BK Modi, Founder & CEO, Wellness 2020, Singapore

Steve Nygren, Founder, Serenbe, US

Veronica Schreibeis-Smith, Founder, Vera Iconica Architecture, US

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Alfredo outlines the concept adopted by Delos to bring the best for human nature and the bodies and bring this inside the four walls of any building. They started off by working with high-end luxury residential and is now working to democratize the concept into residential properties for the population at large. They will also start to focus more on mental health in their innovations.

Priti, speaking in proxy for Dr. Modi, spoke about the new wellness community, saki wellness, they are bringing to central Delhi and the innovations included. He has allocated $1 billion USD for this first wellness community and aims to build 100 around India.

Craig of Tavistock Development highlights the residences at Lake Nona, Florida, relying on strategic partnerships with experts from around the world. In 2020 more houses have been sold in Lake Nona than ever before.

Jeffrey shared an impactful quote: “The person who manages your building has a bigger impact on your health than your doctor.”

Veronica, ofVera Iconica, illustrates their unique approach to building and the ‘feel’ of each space and its ability to energize and relax us via the vibrational frequencies of building materials. Nudge architecture encourages residents to make healthy choices throughout the day.

Judy outlines the power of place and nature around their property, Garden of the Gods, and their integrative medicine strategy bringing wellness modalities and alternative approaches to health.

Steve, of Serenbe, shows how the property is committed to connecting its residents with nature, incorporating organic farms and maintaining 70% of their land without buildings.

Dilip reveals the exclusivity they offer at Amrit wellness resort and how they deliver high-end lifestyle and personalized wellness solutions.

Transforming Healthcare During COVID

Denise E. Bober, Senior Vice President – Human Resources, The Breakers Palm Beach, US

Dr. Vincent Apicella, Founder & CEO, Premier Family Health, US

Dr. Mariaclara E. Bago, Founder & Wellness Director, Premier Family Health, US

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Having met during med school, over a dead body no less, the couple brought their vision of a patient-centered approach to life, with like-minded doctors and specialists long before it was popular include wellness and alternative practices. Patients must be informed and empowered to make the right choices.Dr. Mariaclarahas written a book that will be released in 2021, Happy, Healthy Horny and High, addressing CBD and its benefits, libido and hormone replacement therapy, reducing medication for pain, insomnia, and depression.

Resetting and Future-Proofing Tourism

Catherine Feliciano-Chon, Managing Partner, CatchOn – A Finn Partners Company, Hong Kong

Anna Pollock, Founder, Conscious Travel, UK

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Covid highlights the flaws in the way we have been living and traveling, in addition to the disconnectedness from the natural world. The economy and environment must be considered simultaneously. A destination is a living system, its purpose needs to be considered, all nature is based on communities and every part works together and we can adopt the same principle. Countries and economies that are dependant on foreign income and travelers must adjust their expectations and adapt economies previously viable in that region. It is no longer feasible for any destination to rely solely on travel and tourism. “Nature has certain rules, if we break those rules, we pay the consequences. We are not separate or superior.”

How to Be Better in Bed: Sleeping Through the Pandemic

Dr. Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor High-Performance Sleep Coach, US

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Dr. Michael outlines the fact that the required 8 hours of sleep is a myth, it is different for everyone based on the length of their sleep cycle and 5 rounds of sleep.Sleep is a window into your health and can be a predictor of future conditions, such as Parkinson’s in the case of one patient. If you are not sleeping well there is eithersomething physically going on with you or something mentally and emotionally going on with you. All hormones have circadian rhythms and are predictable.

Dr. Michael has created the ‘Chrono Quiz’, with just a few basic questions you can identify your type and the lifestyle that fits best to your type. Are you a Lion (15-20%) early birds who optimistic go-getters who prioritize health and fitness, a Bear, (55%) representing the majority of the population, or a Wolf, (15-20%) the night owl, creative risk-takers who don’t typically follow patterns, or a Dolphin (10%) with erratic sleep schedules, and can be OCD and insomniacs.

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Here are 5 steps to sleep better:

Select your wake up time and stick to it

Stop caffeine by 2 pm

Limit alcohol 3 hours before bedtime

Limit exercise 4 hours before bedtime

Get 15 minutes of sunlight every day

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