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Eco-sustainable plant stem cell technology: anti-aging regenerative action

Plant Stem Cells include large quantities of metabolites and essential proactive substances such as: amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. From these, it is possible to obtain novel dermocosmetic active ingredients.

In addition to proving safety, efficacy and the many benefits to the skin, the cultivation of plant stem cells incorporates valuable, eco-sustainable biotechnology, which seeks to minimize environmental impact.

How is it developed and what benefits does it represent?

A single sample of the plant is taken, so that endemic or difficult-to-synthesize plants can be accessed, without jeopardizing their extinction.

Plant tissue → Sterilized tissue sample → Induction of callus in a culture on solid medium (dedifferentiation) → Callogenesis → New cell line → Selection → Adjustment

Environmental benefits:

• The use of land is avoided and the use of water is reduced by 99%.
• No use of pesticides or heavy metals (carbon footprint is reduced)
• A procedure that respects the environment and biodiversity.

Globularia cordifolia stem cells: anti-aging cell regenerator

From the cultivation of Globularia cordifolia stem cells, a plant extract is obtained, which, thanks to its phytomolecules, provides the skin with the ability to protect itself against agents responsible for aging, it stimulates detoxification and promotes cell regeneration.

The RELAX-ZEN facial line from Therapy & Essence Laboratories is formulated with this innovative plant active; its benefits to the skin and development with the respect of the environment have made it stand out and position itself as a favorite line among the professional sector.

This includes: Relax-Zen Dermo-cleansing Shampoo, Relax-Zen Lotion, Relax-Zen Serum, Relax-Zen Mask, Relax-Zen Ampoule and Relax-Zen Cream. Ideal for spa treatments and as a Skincare routine, you can find it in professional presentation, retail and in a travel kit.

Try it and enjoy its multiple benefits, supported by efficacy tests:

• Combats and protects against stressors that cause aging

• Promotes cell regeneration and healing

• Reduces toxins that darken the skin, restoring radiance

• Calms and visibly reduces redness

• Softens and improves the appearance of the skin, making it look more homogeneous

• Promotes the healing and preservation of skin stem cells

• Decreases local micro-inflammation

The technology behind the RELAX-ZEN line from Therapy & Essence represents an important innovation not only for skin care, but also in eco-sustainable development for the sector.

By Rocío Rodríguez Luna
Communicologist and journalist specialized in cosmetics and wellness
Therapy & Essence Laboratorios

Author: Fabiola