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Sustainable Fabrics: Comphy

Do you use natural or synthetic fabrics, and what motivates this choice?

Comphy is made of a high performance microfiber, designed to withstand the rigors of laundering while providing a soft, lush feel, while also being eco-friendly. Microfiber is one of many synthetic fabrics that represent the majority of the world’s fabric usage, but only one percent of fossil fuel demand.

What sustainability or social responsibility programs does your brand invest in?

At Comphy we are constantly challenging ourselves to make the right decisions. The Comphy Recycling Program partners with a fabric recycling company that will take retired linens and recycle them free of charge.

How can spas / resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America benefit from working with your brand and get involved in these programs?

Comphy products were developed specifically for spa and offer durability, sustainability, design and quality. Comphy works side-by-side with clients to offer excellent customized services. We invite all spas and resorts to make more conscious and sustainable efforts, including using more sustainable products and participating in socially responsible programs like our Comphy Recycling Program.

By The Comphy Company

Author: Fabiola