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Sustainable Fabrics: Noel Asmar Uniforms

Do you use natural or synthetic fabrics, and what motivates this choice?

The synthetics in our designs have been chosen specifically for Spa and Wellness, as they withstand the products used in these environments. All of our fabrics stretch for comfort, and are made for the way you move.

What sustainability or social responsibility programs does your brand invest in?

We have a beautiful sustainable collection which repurposes plastic bottles by spinning them into fabric. We are also proud of our Hospitality Lifecycle program which is a North American initiative to encourage the recycling of uniforms and linens when they are no longer needed – preventing them from ending up in landfills!

How can spas / resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America benefit from working with your brand and get involved in these programs?

We create designs based on years of experience in the Wellness industry. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the uniform world, and works closely with clients to come up with the best uniform solution.

By Rosie Recavarren
Marketing & Content Coordinator
Noel Asmar Group Inc.

Author: Fabiola