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Spas with Sustainable Initiatives: Hotel Manapany

Our spa offers bespoke holistic therapies that utilize medicinal herbs while incorporating the latest modern techniques and biodynamic, certified organic and fair trade ingredients.

The hotel transforms solar energy to produce hot water and we favor eco-friendly products and methods such as steam cleaning and biodegradable detergents both for the rooms and laundry. Our towels are made with bamboo fiber, a plant cultivated without pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemical products.

Chef Anthony Martel and his team follow the guidelines of the eco-resort, creating a menu with mainly organic products.

In order to help local communities, our cushions and bed covers have been handmade by a female community in Chiapas, through the association ‘el Camino’.

Manapany Spa
Hotel Manapany
Saint Barthélemy, French Antilles, Caribbean

Author: Fabiola