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SpaFinder Wellness 365, 2015 Trends Report

SpaFinder Wellness has revealed its 12th annual Spa and Wellness Trends, which forecasts top trends that will impact the industry.

1. Forest Bathing

The term “forest bathing” has nothing to do with water, and is more than just a poetic way of describing a “walk in the woods,” something humans have, of course, been doing for five million years – although never less so than today. The Japanese government coined the term in 1982, a translation of “shinrin-yoku,” which literally means “taking in the forest atmosphere.”

2. Cannabis: New Spa & Wellness Connections

Unless you’ve been really, um…spaced out, you’ve heard about the wave of legalization for medical and recreational marijuana use in the U.S. or in a country like Uruguay (the first nation to legalizepossession, coming in 2015). After decades of prohibition, marijuana is suddenly undergoing a makeover: more people worldwide view it as socially acceptable and medically important, and whole new markets and products are busily being invented.

3. Wellness Traditions from the Islamic World

There is no more powerful consumer trend across the developed world than the hunger for all things authentic and indigenous. These impact what we now most want to eat – the latest global “superfoods” and ancient grains, and where we most want to travel (suddenly a far wider, exotic map). It’s why the spa/wellness scene is increasingly a global village, with approaches like Indian Ayurveda and yoga, and Traditional Chinese Medicine now embraced worldwide.

4. Industrial Revolution: Blue Collar Wellness

Conduct an online search for the words corporate, employee or workplace wellness, and you’ll be rewarded with millions of results. Due to skyrocketing global healthcare costs, aging populations and record levels of preventable disease; programs promising cost-savings, lessabsenteeism and a more productive workforce are big business.

5. Wellness Homes, Communities & Cities

Back in 2007 Spafinder named “spa real estate” a top trend, after tracking the rise of a new breed of residence that essentially lets people live at a luxury spa. The concept was pioneered by high-profile destination spas, like Canyon Ranch Living, which launched in Miami Beach in 2007, and Miraval Living, which planned to open in New York City around 2008. The first wave also saw destination spas like Red Mountain Resort & Spa (Utah), Terme di Saturnia (Italy), and numerous hotel/resort spas, all add condos and villas.

6. My Fitness, My Tribe, My Life.

As trend forecasting becomes trendier…rowing is the new spinning…hot Pilates is the new Bikram…party fitness is the new Zumba…fitness fads of the minute garner deserved attention from the media, wellness influencers and the physically active public. But these persistent hyper headlines and piecemeal reports warrant some reflection before chasing the latest fads once again–because the big story is that the fitness landscape is shifting permanently.

7. Spa On Arrival (& En Route)

It used to be that – while traveling for business or pleasure, spa treatments were a luxurious add-on, something fitted in between a meeting and dinner, or perhaps an afternoon treat during a visit to a new city. Now however, spa treatments and other wellness offerings are being prioritized both en route and on arrival – either to get a head start on relaxation or to kick-start productivity by shaking off travel fatigue. For growing numbers of travelers, a workout or spa experience is becoming the final entry on the travel itinerary – anindispensable post-flight ritual.

8. Hyper-Personalized Beauty

Skinny Jeans. Army Brat. ItList. These are the gutsy names of new eye shadow colors from some of the world’s biggest cosmetics brands. But as much as big companies have ratcheted up the attitude with their makeup branding, their attempt to connect with consumers’ sense of self will have to compete with the emerging and fastest-growing trend in beauty – hyper-personalization.

9. Gut Reaction

“Listen to your gut…” Though this phrase is typically uttered when it comes to following your instincts, it is also one of the hottest trends for 2015 and could be some of the best advice for your overall wellbeing.

10. Beyond the Stars

Some say it was an awestruck journalist, trying to convey the level of luxury offered by the newly opened Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai in 1998, who first described it as a “seven-star” property. No such designation exists (or did ever). None of the rating systems used by various governments and hospitality associations worldwideoffers rating higher than five stars.

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