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Dyson Airwrap™ Styler

Use this innovative new tool to incorporate hairstyling into your spa experiences.

Having revolutionized the vacuum cleaner during the 1990’s, Dyson followed with a string of innovative products such as fans, air purifiers and heaters, before turning their attention to the hairstyling industry. The Dyson Supersonic reinvented the hairdryer with the motor situated in the handle, repositioning the centre of gravity so it feels lighter in the hand. The Dyson Airwrap, launched in 2018, transformed hair styling by enabling the user to go from wet to styled with one device. A hairdryer, a styling brush and a straightener or curling iron are no longer required to create a salon quality finish.

As we know, extreme heat can damage hair. Dyson eliminates this risk by combining both moderate heat and airflow to style and dry hair simultaneously. This means healthier, shinier hair that holds style longer and a reduction in damage and breakage. The intelligent heat control ensures the temperature remains below 150 Celcius (302 F), compared to many hair tools that heat to over 200 Celcius (400+ F).

The set comprises a pre-styling dryer, a volumizing round brush, two 1.2 inch (30 mm) barrels and two 1.6 (40 mm) barrels for curling, and firm and soft smoothing brushes. For my medium short hair the round volumizing brush and the thinner barrels were the best styling attachments. The curling barrels use the continuous airflow to wrap the hair around the device while warming. Hold for a few seconds with the heat at level one or two, then apply the cold shot to set the curl and slide the barrel out. The result is a beautiful, soft bouncy curl any salon would be proud to produce!

While it does take a little getting used to the Dyson Airwrap can be easily mastered with just a few days of use and could enable a spa salon to add on blow dry and styling services to spa treatments as a value add promotion or additional revenue. For resorts or spas that cater to wedding parties this device could drastically reduce the amount of time required to style each head of hair, allowing more guests to be styled in a short space of time.


By Sara Jones, editor

Author: Fabiola

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