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Spa Experience: Fivelements Retreat

While visiting Asia for the Global Wellness Summit, it seemed only fitting to look for one of the many excellent retreat-style spa resorts to experience while over that side of the world.

Bali had long been on my list of places to visit and Fivelements was the perfect place to ‘retreat to’ after a busy few days in Singapore.

The lush green foliage of Bali gives way to manicured lawns and palapa roofed cabins and yoga shalas constructed with locally sourced natural wood. Each of the nine guest suites offer privacy and luxury with minimalist design and décor that utilizes indoor and outdoor space.

Each suite is furnished with a stunning couples bathtub perched on the terrace overlooking the river. Masters at creating exquisite bathing rituals, the team at Fivelements perfectly combine oils, salts, flowers, fruits, herbs and spices to create sensorial experience. I was lucky enough to experience the Aromatic Flower Bath, with an array of colorful Balinese flowers including frangipani and ylang ylang in addition to their Ahimsa bath oil. The scent was incredible and the ginger tea served alongside the bath was the perfect complement.

I enjoyed the Fivelements Sakti Ritual at the ‘Wellness Village’ spa where the initial welcome ritual included a short breathing meditation to connect the energy of the therapist with the guest and commenced with an excellent Balinese massage, deep pressure, rhythmic movements relax the muscles before a sea salt exfoliation infused with basil and lemongrass remineralizes the skin. The journey is completed with a Sakti bath, incorporating their revitalizing Sakti bath oil, salt, lemongrass, Balinese oranges, pandan leaves and ginger which combine to stimulate the energy meridians and uplift the mood.

The element of fire represents transformation and the Fivelements Balinese Fire Blessing invites guests to offer up negative thoughts and unwanted energy, helping to let go and move towards positivity and to manifest abundance. Guided by the ‘Hotri’ or priest/shaman, the ceremony includes meditation, mantra recital and the offering of grains into the fire.

The two yoga ‘shalas’ or studios provide the perfect space to practice your poses as morning classes are offered to all guests and both private and group classes are also available during your star or retreat.

The plant-based, organic cuisine served at Fivelements is both delicious and filling as their chefs conceive various plates using ingredients such as jackfruit, tempeh, cashew, coconut, ‘cassava’ or yucca flour in addition to an array of fruits and vegetables. The dessert menu was equally indulgent with handmade cacao chocolates, panna cotta, cheesecake and ice cream – all dairy free of course!

Tucked away in the hills outside of Ubud, alongside the Ayung river, Fivelements eco-conscious wellness retreat provides the ideal location for solo travel, a couples getaway or a group wellness retreat, with eleven new suites opening soon and their partner spa and wellness location, Fivelements Habitat in Hong Kong which opened in July 2019, this is certainly a brand to watch during the expansion of wellness travel worldwide.


By Sara Jones, Editor

Author: Fabiola