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Spa Experience: Remède Spa The St. Regis Punta Mita

St. Regis Punta Mita boasts rare white sand beaches for the area and lush, tropical foliage.

You may be fooled into thinking this expansive resort is close to empty, while instead, it’s the perfect place to enjoy peace and quiet regardless of the number of other guests.

The Remède Spa welcomes guests with an open airy reception space, air conditioned changing and locker areas and open-air hydrotherapy facilities to enjoy before any spa services. A dry sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and cool pool are complemented by a solarium, aromatherapy showers and a comfortable relaxation area, all separated for males and females.

The Sound Healing Journey uses Tibetan singing bowls, placed over the energy meridians or ‘chakras’ of the body, this is combined with a collagen boosting anti-aging face mask; choose from rose quartz antioxidant, nanogold repair collagen, diamond radiance collagen and black pearl detox to suit your skin type and requirement. The profound vibrations from the from bowls will have you in a meditative state of relaxation in no time at all!

The flotation pod, situated in its own treatment room with shower is another great mediation option at Remède Spa. Float in warm, mineral rich water with soothing sounds and optional chromotherapy lights for 20-30 minutes, add this service to another spa experience for additional mental relaxation.

Facial services include a newly launched anti blue-light facial to combat the damaging effects of screens. The Diamond Cocoon Experience incorporates an enzyme cleanser, prebiotic serum, cool marble sculpting tools used during the balm mask and an ultimate shield product to protect the skin from environmental pollution and light damage, including harmful blue light – high-energy visible light.

Organic skincare treatment for both face and body are offered at Remède Spa, one example is the green nourishing luffa exfoliation which is followed by a full-body application of rich organic body cream to hydrate and renew the skin.

Wellness activities like Kayaking and paddle boarding ensure you can enjoy the calm water in the bay area protected by rock islands just offshore. For those who prefer land-based activities the golf course is an ideal option, perfect to enjoy during the long summer evenings when sunset is late.


By Sara Jones, Editor

Author: Fabiola