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Spa Education: Agueda Academia de Spa

The Therapists, the pillar of Spas

We have left behind the superficial concept of beauty to make the transition to a much more complete concept: wellness. When we talk about wellness as an industry, we seek to improve the quality of life of our clients in a holistic way, where both the body and the mind are served.

This is very important to keep in mind, since to provide services in health retreats as well as spas, it is no longer enough just to know techniques or protocols. Therapists become the face of the company, that is why in addition to the knowledge of massage, they must also have interpersonal skills included in their training that allow them to transmit the wellness to the client from the moment they enter the spa.

In Agueda we know it as the ‘wellness journey’ where academies, spas, professionals and society are involved.

Since our formation we focus on providing an environment that improves the quality of life for our students, empowering them and adding specialties to their training such as:

• Culture of Wellness: meditation and yoga classes; training starts from the moment they enter the door, you cannot provide wellness if you don’t live it.

• Professional Facilities: modern facilities that resemble those of a spa and its variety of equipment, depending on the type of destination.

• Training for the World: in today’s world, knowledge of the English language is essential. Not only the memorization of phrases but also the ability to carry on a conversation. In the academy, we offer the Bilingual Master Program which teaches the English language throughout the course.

In an industry that sells wellness, before we can provide it to the client, let’s first look inward towards the training of our staff, making sure we have strong pillars and can provide the wellness we seek to sell to the world.


Author: Fabiola