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Spa Education: University of California Irvine – Crafting a Dynamic Marketing Message

In a world of sameness, cookie cutter spa menus and increasing sophistication with today’s spa goer, how do you create a marketing message that will set you apart from the crowd and resonate with the potential and current guests?

The most effective strategy is to revisit your USP – your unique selling proposition. This is the statement that in a sentence or two describes what unique services, products or experiences you can deliver to the guest. Tying your market message directly back to your USP helps to reinforce not only your brand identity but influences the guest to learn more about you. In short, it creates interest and intrigue. It transforms the potential interest in you and your spa to ‘attraction’.

If you do not have a strong USP, it may be time to create one – or revisit your current USP and do some updating and revamping. The competition for spa and wellness services is growing and you can either lead, follow or get out of the way! By focusing on your unique experience, you help the guest to envision themselves in your facility. As I love to say, “Be you – be YOU-nique”!

Patti is an instructor at the University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education’s Spa and Wellness Management Certificate

This fully online, four-course professional development program provides practical, real-world training in all areas of the spa business, including day-to-day operations, finance, human resources, marketing, management and more.

By Patti Biro, Instructor University of California Irvine


Author: Fabiola

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