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American Spa presents its trend report for 2020

Compiling the Trend Report each year is one of our favorite activities, and one in which the American Spa team takes great pride in. It’s a compilation of a year scouring trade shows, attending events, meeting industry bellwethers, delving into studies and reports, and more to come up with 10 noteworthy trends we think are making an impact. What’s interesting this year, much like the wellness industry itself, is that the final list is a very cool blend of old and new.

Ancient remedies like Gua Sha and the use of psychedelic plants to help achieve greater awareness, something that has been done for thousands of years, are now moving into the mainstream. It’s exciting to watch the renaissance of these types of experiences and discover how they have morphed in ways that appeal to a modern audience. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the continued explosion of the CBD market and the growing understanding of the healing properties and potential of cannabis, another plant with a long history of healing that is gaining an incredible level of cultural acceptance.

On the flip side, no trend report would be complete without touching on innovation, and there is so much of this here. From smart technology integrations in spas to integrative approaches to improving brain health to the evolution of green beauty to new approaches in reducing plastic, it’s exhilarating to see how wellness is keeping up with the times. This is further evidenced by trends that tap into the cultural zeitgeist of inclusion, including groundbreaking developments in gender-neutral products, increased efforts to make wellness more accessible, a focus on aging well, and the growth of wellness clubs.

It’s an inspiring time to be in the world of wellness and an even more exciting time to report on innovations and trends. Check out the full list of American Spa’s 2020 trend picks below:

1. Wellness Central: Mixing wellness, fitness, and healthcare proves to be a winning combination.

2. Smart Design: Spas are taking the customer experience to the next level with smart technology.

3. All Systems Are Go: The wellness industry is shining a spotlight on the endocannabinoid system.

4. Psyched Up: Wellness retreats are incorporating the benefits of mind-expanding drugs.

5. Bending the Binary: The gender-neutral category continues to grow to satisfy the needs of all skin types.

6. Closing the Wellness Gap: Wellness is becoming more accessible, affordable, and inclusive.

7. Exploring New Frontiers: Many spas are now addressing mental wellbeing and brain health.

8. The Problem with Plastic: Companies are adjusting their packaging to appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

9. More Than Just Scraping By: An ancient healing remedy resonates in a modern way with the spa industry.

10. Aging Well: Senior living facilities are raising the bar on their health and wellness offerings.

By Julie Keller Callaghan


Author: Fabiola

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