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With the recent surge of interest in wellness travel, and impressive statistics to back up this fast-growing market sector, savvy and on-trend hotels and resorts create offerings for those looking to enhance their travel experience.


Wellness Rooms and Spa Suites offer something more than the traditional hotel stay. The focus on lifestyle and health provides guests with easy access to facilities and amenities that enhance wellbeing during their stay. Studies have shown that this is not just something that guests prefer, it’s something guests are willing to pay a premium for.


Grand Luxxe, Vidanta features ‘Spa Towers’ at both its Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya Properties. At the Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya, each luxurious spa suite features a private outdoor pool overlooking the lush green jungle. With calming color palates and richly decorated living spaces these 2 and 3 bedroom suites easily accommodate a large family or group.


The highlight is certainly the individual treatment cabin attached to the master bathroom. Relax prior to the treatment experience using the branded Aromatherapy Associates amenities, then simply step through from the bathroom to the treatment room where your therapist awaits. Choose from a variety of services including tequila infused massage.


For those who prefer to visit the spa, Grand Luxxe is home to Spatium, which offers 10 private spa cabanas and a full hydrotherapy experience, including a Jacuzzi, Kniepp walk, Swiss showers, cold plunge, steam room and sauna. Guests can also enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Halotherapy in the private Salt Cave. The salt and mineral rich air can provide relief for breathing problems and enhance the immune system.


Spatium also offers Vibrational Sound Therapy Healing. Utilizing Tibetan Singing Bowls, a Gong and Tuning Forks, this transcendental experience can be combined with another service and is one not to be missed.


Grand Velas, Riviera Nayarit, recently launched 12 two-floored, 1750 sq. ft. wellness suites with an array of custom features. Upon arrival, a personal Spa Concierge advises on a variety of spa treatments – many with local influences, health offerings at the resort, and information on the wide variety of in-suite fitness amenities. An in-suite exercise kit comprises a yoga mat, dumbbells, resistance bands, and a Life Fitness Recumbent Lifecycle®.

Manos que Curan soap bars are available in cucumber and cactus, amaranth, and mint scents. These handmade soaps are created from a combination of local Mexican plants, flowers and seeds. After the intro, guests are guided to the upper terrace where a relaxing massage awaits with spectacular views of the Banderas Bay.


An Alchimia Apothecary Aromatherapy Kit with scents ranging from cedar and lavender to tangerine and myrrh, provides essential oils to encourage total relaxation at night. Accommodations also feature a Nikken Kenko™ pillow, comforter and LED Lamp with a clock and timer that increases gradually, simulating the dawn and dusk. This helps guests fall asleep and wake up more naturally.


Throughout the resort, healthy dishes are notated on the restaurant’s menus. In addition, a crudités minibar with carrots, cucumber, jicama, celery, beetroot and pineapple is provided in-suite.


A Vitamin C Sprinkler lightly spritzes guests on command with a warm bath of vitamin C, providing antioxidant and regenerative properties for the skin.


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