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Global Wellness Summit 2019 – Day Two

Day two commenced with stunning photography fromPalani Mohan of wind and water across the city of Hong Kong. Palani invited us to consider how we interpret art and to surround ourselves with

Rick Stollmeyer, founder of Mind Body explained how his journey started from his garage providing software for boutique fitness studios. Robert F. Smith recently purchased the company for 1.9 billion USD, 60% higher than the value it was trading for on NASDAQ. Smith recently paid off the student loans for his entire class highlighting the impending student debt crisis in the US.

Mind Body helps small businesses take control of their online offerings and brings boutique fitness classes to the public. Via dynamic pricing, they aim to fill unused spaces in fitness classes with people who have less disposable income.

Rick sites certain mistakes that held the business back along the way:

1. He and his partner didn’t clearly define their roles and responsibilities from the outset which caused various difficulties.

2. At times the company was led by investors in directions that weren’t right for the vision of Mind Body.

3. Holding on to core team members in senior positions as the company grew so fast hindered the successful growth only achieved when experienced leaders are in the right positions.

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Miwako Date of Mori Trust outlined their investment in wellness destinations around Japan and the importance of aligning with nature.

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Frederick Chavalit Tsao of OCTAVE Institute explained that purpose and passion must be at the core of good business and the new era of sustainable development he sees coming. Just 2% can cause change and bring about a new era, 98% will be evolved.

A silent wellness revolution is happening in China but is not yet apparent to the world. Governments are bringing in happiness ministers and allocating wellness budgets but they are not clearly defined and don’t affect real change. Until we experience oneness in mind, body and spirit, how can we fix the world ‘holisticly’. Conscious capitalism needs to be the norm, the current leaders cannot solve the problem they created.

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Dr. Richard Carmona updated the audience on the Wellness Moonshot.The unsustainability of the current trajectory that the world is on in terms of health is the motivation for the Wellness Moonshot.Jessica Jesse highlighted the 500,000 people who have been positively impacted by the Wellness Moonshot calendar. It starts with each person saying “I am a wellness leader.”The 2020 calendar focuses on nature with inspiring scenes featured on every monthly ‘moon’.Prevention magazine in Australia will partner with GWI to bring the message to over 5 million readers.

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For the first time ever all 3 of the finalists in the Shark Tank of Wellness student competition are from the same college; Savannah College of Art and Design.

1. Jasmin Darling tackles the extensive food waste issue by bringing a countertop food storage unit to people’s kitchens. Wel. matches with any kitchen size and style and keeps produce at the ideal temperature and humidity level.

2. Simon Lewis aims to reduce stress by infusing CBD into the laundry process with laundry tablets and clothing sprays with the option to combine aromatherapy, providing relief from stress via transdermal contact with the skin.

3. Matthew Payne tackles dehydration with Ru, a reusable metal straw with beneficial extracts such as vitamins and minerals in addition to flavor delivered by biodegradable capsules.

Jessica Jesse of BudhaGirl presented her new concept, LANA, Look Around Not Ahead. As fashion is cyclical, what can we reuse and repurpose?

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Noel Asmar explains, “When you buy purpose-driven fashion, you seldom throw it away.”Just in Hong Kong alone, 370 tonnes of textile waste goes into landfills each day.

The leader in innovation,Ronna Chao of Novotex Textiles, was awarded by Sammy Gharieni, the innovation award sponsor. “Don’t ever think that you’re too small to make a difference” Ronna challenges!

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All Global Wellness Institute Initiative leaders were welcomed to the stage.

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The panel discussion on wellness in the media focused on differentiating factors that set pitches apart and finding products that can make a difference to each outlet’s specific audience. They advise making sure information is clear, simple and well presented. With such a variety of media via which messages can be disseminated, it’s important to select the right avenue for your brand’s story. The consensus between the panel is that people will continue to read, however it will be driven by visual aspects. The advice; ‘be different’ came up again and again.

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Millennials are the experiencial generation. They would rather travel and experience things than putting a deposit down on a car. As we heard yesterday, the market of over 50’s is also moving towards experiencial wellness.”Retail has always been evolving, and the online purchases are just another extension of that. Wellness retail will flourish on digital platforms and in brick and mortar locations.” Sue Thirlwall outlines. Louise Evins predicts that ambiancewill play an important role in bringing spaces to life and building community,acollaboration of vendors will create a personalized plan for guests.

Francine Miley explains how malls will be brought back to life by experiencial businesses, such as cryotherapy and boxing and soul cycle, these businesses will also be grouped together to play off one another instead of being seen as competitors.

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John Wood of Room to Read, founded in 2000, set out to tackle illiteracy across the world. The challenge grant ensured that locals in each community got involved in the projects by building walls of schools and dedicating time and effort to the success of each school. John received the award for the leader in social impact for his work.

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Does purpose make business sense? Patricia Dwyer asks how many of us are inspired and to think about our vision and our ‘why’ in business.People, process and product are fundamental to delivering purpose to your customers. Make sure your vision can be understood by a 7-year-old.Patricia’s vision is to ignite your fire so you can light up the room!

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