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Spa for kids & teens

Tailored teen therapies are offered to instill wellness to mind, body, and spirit at a young age whether it’s about looking selfie-ready or simply sharing a moment with family.

Atlantis 001 Entrance

Generation YSpa at Mandara Spa

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort




For Mandara Spa at Atlantis, wellness has no age. Tailored teen therapies are offered to instill wellness to mind, body, and spirit at a young age whether it’s about looking selfie-ready or simply sharing a moment with family.

Mandara Spa offers mother-daughter and father-son sessions for a more relaxing family vacation. Teen and parent-alike will feel the tension melting off.

Teens looking for a glowing complexion can opt for the Superfood Insta-Glow Facial that purifies and recharges the skin using a blend of super greens paired with a veggie mask and oxygen infusion, leaving their skin picture-ready! For problem skin, the spa offers the Clear Skin Multi-Mask Facial that de-clogs, smooths and refines using a mix of LED light and masks to calm breakouts.



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Spa Kids & Teens by Llao Llao Spa

Llao Llao Resort, Golf & Spa

Patagonia, Argentina


For Llao Llao Spa, the safety and comfort of children and adolescents is a priority, which is why we have created a space where children enjoy the same experiences as adults, but adapted to suit their needs.

Spa for Kids & Teens at Llao Llao Spa includes games, physical activities and programs to help children relax, providing ‘great vacations for our little guests.’

Through this, Llao Llao Spa has achieved a balance for all their guests to enjoy ‘tailor made’ spa experiences.



Dads and Dudes Lifestyle Shot

Ginger Lily by Red Lane Spa

Beaches Resorts



Beaches Resorts is committed to families of all sizes, we pay extra attention to the different clientele visiting, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We have crafted the perfect vacation experience for families and offer tailor-made activities just for kids so that parents can have some time off. Whether it’s our certified nannies and Kids Camp or our endless list of activities like our Private Island Water Park, Beaches has created the ultimate family getaway.

We offer spa treatments for kids, tweens, and teens with our Ginger Lily spa services offered at Beaches Red Lane Spa, so everyone can take part in some much needed relaxation, no matter the age. After a day of fun in the sun, the spa is the perfect place for adults to bond with kids while incorporating wellness into their daily lives. All the products used for the treatments are natural, paraben and sulfate free with vegan and gluten-free options. Our goal is to instill good habits at a young age and teach kids about skin-care and self-care while having fun.



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Vassa Spa / Naay Spa

Karisma Hotels & Resorts



Every day more spas are opening their doors to children and teenagers. Vassa Spa by Karisma is no exception as they have developed exclusive services specifically for children.

Massage for babies stimulates the release of growth hormone, helping them gain weight and develop their vital organs. In children and adolescents, it stimulates certain areas of the brain and increases the level of alertness, allowing them to learn faster.

Currently, many cognitive, sensory and behavioral therapies are treated with massage, in addition to relaxation and meditation exercises. Thus, from an early age Children can learn the best way to relax and improve learning in social and academic life.

Vassa spa invites children between 4 to 16 years old to the spa. Guiding children and their parents through memorable moments of relaxation, connection and fun.

Author: Fabiola