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Tour of Huatulco

After this year’s successful Expo Spa event held in Mexico City, a group of delegates, industry leaders and brand owners joined together on a trip to Huatulco where the group of 30+ stayed in one of four locations around the budding, eco-tourism destination.

I stayed at quaint hillside Villas Fa-Sol overlooking the ocean and the ‘Bahias de Huatulco’ where the waves crash over the rugged, rocky shoreline of the bays. Over three days, we toured notable sustainability-focused hotels in the region, discovered local culinary delicacies and tasted the infamous Mezcal drink in a variety of flavors. An industry event was held at Secrets Huatulco where Adriana Azuara of All4Spas outlined the growth of the industry worldwide and how Huatulco can play a part in this exciting expansion of wellness and sustainability in Mexico. An enchanting dance performance provided the entertainment at the gala dinner and the final day was enjoyed touring the coastline on a yacht, courtesy of Guillermo Berriochoa of Villas Fa-Sol. The tour was organized by Ivan Pelaez, Director of Eco Spa Huatulco and supported by the Huatulco Tourism Board.

By Sara Jones, Editor

Author: Fabiola

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