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Oakworks had a fantastic experience at ISPA introducing the NEW Halo Trolley and Oakworks Lounger!

The multi-functional bespoke Halo Trolley can be tailored to each customer’s needs through the studio website: studio.spatables.com

Spa directors and designers can select from our Masters’ Collection, over 50 colors, finishes and textures. Clean lines and beautiful craftsmanship make this trolley the perfect addition to any spa room. Options include: up to two warming drawers, up to 5 storage options, LED accent lighting with multiple colors and variable intensity, towel rack, pull out work surface, casters, outlet, spill channel, one-touch dimmable light to illuminate the surface and much more. Available in two widths.

Experience the new Oakworks Lounger that focuses on ergonomic positioning and is designed to be the most comfortable lounger on the market. The Oakworks Lounger with optional heated top is the perfect addition to lounging spaces that recognize the need for comfort when reading, seating or sleeping. Little features like external outlet, tray and one touch reading lamp offer a touch of luxury.

The Masters’ Collection gives you the freedom to select unique finishes, materials, colors, and designs while staying within your budget. Virtually unlimited combinations to create your masterpiece. The exciting and unique, Britta table is the most customizable table in the Masters’ Collection. Choose a paint to complement hundreds of laminate textures to match your decor. The Britta offers true spa treatment functionality with the Trendelenburg tilt feature and the ABC System – providing ultimate client comfort.

The Oakworks patented ABC (Adjustable Breast Comfort) System is the only design that allows therapists to discreetly customize the comfort level without disturbing the client. The powered ABC System is adjustable to create the perfect level of support for each client, taking pressure off their breasts and tension away from their back. Rebecca Savich, inventor and brand ambassador for her patented ABC System, works closely with Oakworks, the sole licensee of the design, to bring this revolutionary change in comfort for women into the spa, massage, and medical markets. Rebecca states, “The ABC system built into Oakworks spa and medical tables truly helps women and men… after one experience on this table, you will never want a massage on any other table!”

Visit studio.spatables.com to start designing today!


Author: Fabiola