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ISPA 2019 Day 1

Susan Cain posed the question; “Is the ideal spa owner bold, alpha and gregarious? What about the ideal manager? The ideal healer? Most of the messages that are received by children are that extroversion is the ‘right’ way to be and act. Introversion and extroversion govern who we are, how we act and how we are wired.

Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert? We all have different ways of learning and socializing. Do you feel energized after two hours at a party or are you starting to feel drained? A work environment that is noisy is better for extroverts, while introverts do better in the quiet – can we create spaces in spas to cater to both types of workers and guests?

Three people typically do 70% of the talking in meetings. Introverts need to make more effort to speak up early, not to curb their enthusiasm. Extroverts should analyze if they are speaking too much and make sure to listen to everyone, engaging with introverts one-to-one. A hybrid approach can help: think, pair, share. Consider when should you leave your comfort zones and what can you do to adapt to your responsibilities. Do you need to book a massage after a full day of intense meetings? Face the fears by tackling challenges step by step and overcoming what holds you back.

Sara Jones
Author: Sara Jones

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