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Green Spa Network results of the spa and wellness industry CBD survey

GSN has collected valuable insight on the spa and wellness community’s knowledge on the budding CBD industry.

This research is a result of GSN’s monthly sustainability surveys. This is an ongoing effort to collect information from its members regarding environmental efforts in their businesses.

“We’re excited to release this research as part of our support and participation in the American Spa CBD Summit in Denver next week,” says Joanna Roche, GSN Executive Director.

The latest research on CBD has helped to uncover the spa and wellness industry’s understanding of CBD and its environmental benefits, as well as the likelihood to use or sell the products within their businesses. A few of the findings show GSN that:

88% of members understand the difference between hemp and cannabis

81.5% of members believe it works because a friend referred them to the product

70% of members believe there is an environmental benefit to using hemp and CBD products

37% of members read the research on CBD

33% of members choose CBD brands from a trusted retailer

24% of members can’t use products at their businesses because of upper management or state laws

Understanding the business trends on the topic of CBD will assist in the rising industry’s success and help direct its efforts in expanding into a variety of wellness markets and retailers.

GSN’s member feedback in its recent sustainability surveys has been instrumental in the organization’s direction moving forward. The continued research will help gear its events and educational resources to better serve its members success in making a positive change for the planet.


Author: Fabiola