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Hotel Rodavento has opened Rodavento Spa, a nature-inspired sanctuary set within the most secluded area of the surrounding forest

Hotel Rodavento, a 36-bedroom retreat nestled in the foothills of Valle de Bravo, Mexico, has opened Rodavento Spa, a nature-inspired sanctuary set within the most secluded area of the surrounding forest.

The spa comes with new amenities and treatment menus, enticing visitors to unwind in the beauty of the natural world and “Disconnect to Reconnect.”

Rodavento Spa is the work of architects Federico Gomez Crespo and Jose Antonio Gaxiola, in collaboration with hotel owner Waldemar Franco, and fashioned by interior designer Mariana Valero.

It features seven treatment rooms, a private yurt with a plunge pool and fire pit, and a hydrotherapy circuit.

To enhance the guest experience and inspire relaxation, Rodavento Spa is a silent spa and a destination to completely disconnect from the outside world to clear the mind and heighten the senses.

“Disconnection” begins just a step inside as guests are requested to leave their cell phones and cameras in a small pouch for safe keeping at the reception desk.They are then invited to the spa’s Scrub Bar, an interactive sensory experience to custom make their own personal scrub, oil, and lotion to be used during the treatment. Guests can choose from a mix of scents, herbs and textures, such as lavender, mint and chamomile, based on their preference or with the help of an expert therapist.Once they create their own personal scrub, guests are guided to the hammam to commence the wellness journey with a deep cleanse to maximise detoxification.

“Reconnection” comes with Rodavento Spa’s Hydrotherapy Circuit and a wide range of treatments, including massages, facials, and pre- and post-sport therapies with arnica oil.As part of the wellness journey, guests can choose which Hydrotherapy Circuit path to take, starting with warm and hot soaking pools to stimulate circulation and release toxins, and a cold outdoor soaking pool to strengthen the immune system.Following the healing waters, guests are guided through the process of restoration in a dry sauna and oversized hammam for deep rejuvenation. The final stop is a roof-covered relaxation terrace with crystal walls, fireplace, and views of the Valle de Bravo greenery.

To compliment the hotel’s extensive menu of destination adventures, including paragliding, zip-lining, archery, horseback riding, and more, the spa features treatments customised for golfers, cyclers, runners and hikers, equestrians and water sports.

Additionally, with the legalisation of Cannabidiol in Mexico, Rodavento Spa offers a CBD full body massage, intensifying the restorative results to soothe muscle pain, tension and stress.

For couples seeking an indigenous experience, the spa has introduced “Yurt Spa Experiences” – customisable treatments including “Dulce Con Cacao,” a chocolate scrub, warm herbal compress and obsidian stone massage; and “Color Me, Mi Amor,” clay painting, warm body detox wrap, scalp and hair treatment, and massage.

As a memorable twist to the new Rodavento Spa experience, couples are invited to enjoy Rodavento After Hours with exclusive access to the spa and its Hydrotherapy Circuit. Couples can start with a 60- or 90-minute couples’ massage in the new yurt, followed by a private soak and glass of sparkling wine. After, guests will dine on a dinner for two prepared by the chef of Hotel Rodavento to enjoy under the stars.

The spa’s retail shop is also only the second in Mexico to carry the apparel brand Lululemon for purchase.

“We’re thrilled to debut this one-of-a-kind immersive spa journey fit for our adventurous visitors and wellness gurus,” said Gustavo Martinez, general manager of Hotel Rodavento. “The spa was thoughtfully-designed and curated to bring a new and distinctive wellness experience to the destination and encourage guests to extend their travels and explore Valle de Bravo, a beautiful colonial city just two hours from Mexico City.”


Author: Fabiola