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Formulating Skin Care Products with Probiotics

The job of probiotic skin care products is to restore balance to the skin’s microbiome and increase the quantity of good bacteria in the skin.

Probiotic ingredients have been shown to significantly improve the skin’s ability to retain hydration when the microbiome is healthy, it’s better able to produce natural humectants attracting moisture into the skin. Furthermore, properly formulated probiotic lysates counter pathogenic bacteria, support barrier function, and contribute to the regulation of the innate and adaptive immune responses.

The increasing popularity of probiotics in topical formulations is due primarily to the following; growing evidence of the efficacy of probiotics themselves and the rising demand from consumers as they become better informed. What was, until recently, a small group of studying topical probiotics, has grown to global interest by some of the largest skincare companies in the world. This interest has fueled strong competition in the scientific community to develop safe and effective probiotic formulations.

In addition, consumers are demanding more therapeutic and results-oriented wellness treatments from skincare professionals. While it is still important to enjoy a relaxing spa experience, guests expect the spa to offer services that help them achieve healthier skin wellness. For this reason, probiotic skincare treatments from wellness oriented spas are here to stay.

Within the coming years, topical probiotic skin care products will become more mainstream and the availability of probiotic treatments at spas will be a relatively standard menu item.

By Steve Rosenfeld

President ofColumbia Skincare


Author: Fabiola1