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Tree Planting Initiative, Green Spa Network

On Earth Day 2018, Green Spa Network launched its first annual action initiative to mobilize the spa and wellness industry to plant one million trees. This effort is premised on the critical and urgent need to regenerate the earth using trees’ natural ability to reverse climate change.

Science clearly shows that forests play an important role in slowing climate change and restoring ecological balance. Trees regulate the Earth’s water-cycle, prevent habitat loss, regenerate soil and store carbon. Protecting and restoring natural forests can make a measurable difference in our fight against extreme weather events and higher temperatures on Earth.

The New York Times recently featured a story on how almost one million species on our planet are on the verge of extinction.

“Biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history and around one million species already face extinction, many within decades.” -The UN

GSN’s Tree Planting Initiative will contribute specifically to WeForest’s Brazil project to support the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

By Earth Day 2019, GSN planted over 100,000 trees and raised over $300,000 USD for reforestation. “In conjunction with our sponsors, we have generated a further $250,000 USD”. – Bonnie Baker

Members of GSN can contribute in three ways:

1. Donate funds to plant new trees

2. Organize or participate in a local tree planting event

3. Continue an existing tree planting partnership

“Delighting customers with trees planted as a result of their business is a simple gesture which will make a huge difference to the local communities that live around the forest we restore in Brazil and help make the earth cooler. WeForest is delighted to support GSN in its commitment to transform the spa industry into an actor of change.”

By Bonnie Baker

Green Spa Network


Author: Fabiola