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Benefits of CBD in Massage Oils

Adding CBD to massage oil can increase the benefits of the treatment for both the receiver and the therapist.

Not only does it deliver a potent anti-inflammatory and immune modulating action to the skin without affecting the mind, it also works with receptors throughout our peripheral nervous system to let our central nervous system (CNS) know that we are safe.

CBD aids in muscle relaxation, relieving pain, alleviating stress and anxieties and speeding up recovery and healing time. Though everybody is different, most will notice an almost immediate reduction of inflammation and pain, therefore making it possible for the therapist to work more effectively.

CBD has been shown to relieve arthritic symptoms and tender joints, break down scar tissue, increase mobilization within the joints, and treat sore, tense or spastic muscles. It can also improve skin health, resulting in increased blood flow throughout the skin, and potential reduction of psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, cuts, bruises and dry skin.


Author: Fabiola