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Awakening Sanctuary: the new Mexican Hotel dedicated to the pursuit of happiness!

In a world where more and more people seek to increase their level of personal happiness, Awakening Sanctuary offers a transformational travel experience that combines high-end comfort and profound relaxation with exhilarating adventure and other experiences designed to sustainably increase its guests’ level of happiness.

It provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature, with others and, most importantly, with oneself. The goal is to take a step beyond just spending a vacation, but in addition to having lots of fun and creating great memories, to take home new insights, perspectives, and skills.

With their slogan of “Sleep once and wake up forever,” Awakening promises an increase in their guests’ level of consciousness, thus helping them live a happier, healthier and more abundant life. Awakening is proud to be part of San Manuel, a small Mayan community in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its 152 hectares (365 acres) of barely touched jungle embrace seven pristine cenotes and are located just 80 minutes away from Cancun International Airport While being just enough off the beaten path to provide a truly unique travel experience, Awakening Sanctuary is just one hour away from Playa del Carmen and all of the Riviera Maya’s surrounding attractions. This new location offers the guest an idyllic space to hide from noise and crowds, to rejoice in the heart of nature, and discover Mayan culture’s ancient knowledge.

Guests stay in Human Cocoons that allow its inhabitants to fully experience the calming sound of the jungle´s orchestra of life and to fully connect with Mother Nature, while still enjoying the level of luxury that a high-end eco-boutique hotel experience promises. The pure and cleansing waters of its cenotes make Awakening the perfect place to indulge, reconnect, and grow.

In addition to an extraordinary luxury hotel experience, this sanctuary offers Experiences designed by Adriana Chardi y Martin Loeffler as a medium to further awaken our minds and nourish our souls.

These transformative activities include for example:

Awakening Adrenaline – a series of action sports and other adrenaline-pumping activities that help connect with the here and now, overcome fears and push personal boundaries.

Awakening Sensuality – created for couples searching to deepen their physical, emotional, spiritual and erotic connection while simultaneously relating to nature.

Awakening New Perspectives – a new and more profound experience of part and current Mayan Culture as a way to gain a new perspective on life and more clarity towards the present and future.

Awakening Just for You – fully customized personal development programs designed to be completed individually, as a family, group or as a business/organization.

Awakening Sanctuary will open in 2020 to allow its visitors to dive into a cenote’s cool and clear water, rejoice in the midst of nature, breath and heighten their level of consciousness. Awakening Sanctuary: find happiness.


Author: Fabiola