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Diana Mestre creates Huichol-inspired spa for upcoming #Auberge spa “Susurros del Corazon”, in Punta Mita

Spa consultant Diana Mestre has created a spa concept for the upcoming Auberge Susurros del Corazon in Punta de Mita, Mexico that has been inspired by the ceremony and traditions of the local Huichol people.

“Susurros means ‘whispers,’ and for Auberge Susurros, the spa and wellness experience will draw inspiration from the spiritual healing whispers and knowledge of the ancient Huichol ancestral community of the region of Nayarit,” said Mestre.

Due to open in 2021, the spa will include 11 treatment rooms, each of which will be accessed from the outside to create continuity with the peaceful landscape surrounding the spa.

The Huichol are known as a nation of shamans, and many live well past the age of 100, so longevity programs will be a central part of the spa.

“Much of the Huichol population practices shamanism for everyday healing and balancing of the forces of nature around them,” said Mestre. “Their lives are deeply rooted in ceremony and tradition. The Huichol or Wixárica community believe in healing the planet through shamanic chants that they sing in each equinox; their medicine transcends the personal, reaching into a spiritual journey that connects men with the divine. All this knowledge will be harvested to create a unique spa healing treatment menu that highlights the cultural and medicinal elements of the Huichol people.”

In a nod to the boho-chic culture of the beachside towns dotting Mexico’s coastline, Susurros del Corazon’s “bungalow by the beach” experience will begin with a collection of indoor-outdoor spaces.

The resort will initially encompass 62 ocean-view hotel guest houses and 30 ultra-luxury ocean-front residences. Three scallop-shaped pools will terrace down to the beach, and the spa will be tucked among the resort’s lush gardens.

“Susurros del Corazon means Whispers of the Heart, and our guiding ethos is to create a retreat with intimacy and a sense of individuality that resonates with guests on a quiet and personal level,” said Dan Friedkin, owner and chair, Auberge Resorts Collection. “It will be a resort unlike any other in the area – exquisitely crafted and purposely relaxed in the style of an enchanting private beach house. We are excited to bring Auberge’s signature soft-spoken luxury to this jewel of a setting in partnership with land owners Tim Koogle and Gregg Engles.”

Susurros del Corazon is being developed by SV Capital of Denver, led by Mark Cooley. SV has worked on national and international developments, from beach to ski destinations.

The ownership group consists of The Friedkin Group, led by Dan Friedkin, in partnership with Serendipity Land Holdings, owned and led by Tim Koogle, and Engles Development Corp., led by Gregg Engles.

Tim Koogle has spent more than 30 years starting, growing, and running significant businesses, and is best known as the founding CEO of Yahoo. Engles, an entrepreneur and businessman, is currently the CEO and founder of Capitol Peak Partners, a private equity investment firm.

Author: Fabiola

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