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Biologique Recherché’s solution against pollution: the VIP O² range

Many epidemiological studies and experiments on cell models have shown that pollution deregulates the skin’s essential functions, which results in: excess secretion of sebum, very high transepidermal water loss, oxidative stress, increased skin sensitivity and a dull complexion.

After many years of research, Biologique Recherche is reinventing its VIP O² products by adding the latest anti-pollution active ingredients: the Oxygenating Complex. This added formula makes the VIP O² range the ultimate anti-pollution weapon. Originally, the Oxygenating Complex was created by the founder Yvan Allouche and has today, been reformulated with a unique cellular platform that enables cells to breath better and to produce more energy and higher-quality proteins. In some of the products within the VIP O² range, a yeast extract is also added into the formula to help preserve the skins’ integrity, making the skin firmer and smoother. The skins’ hydration barrier function is regenerated, and each product of the range has a specific targeted action during the process of the facial treatment. These actions consist of:

• Purifying: Elimination of the particular pollutants from the surface of the epidermis

• Detoxifying: Neutralization of the pollutants found in the skin

• Protecting: Formation of an anti-pollution shield to prevent the deposit of new pollutants

Adding on to the family of VIP O² products, Biologique Recherche introduced a new and revolutionary facial treatment product: Le Booster VIP O². With its innovative crackling texture and its unique formula, the skin will be detoxified and reoxygenated. The results of using this product are clear skin without impurities. This product is utilized during the initial stage of the treatment process, more precisely, in the initialization booster category. Training is required on several manual techniques, such as kneading and rolling, in order to use it effectively. Therefore, its use is restricted to skincare professionals only.

Combined with highly customized protocols and meticulous procedures which recondition the epidermis, Biologique Recherche’s VIP O² range products are highly concentrated in botanical, marine and biological active ingredients that are cold formulated in their own laboratory in France. Biologique Recherche is the partner of choice in over 75 countries for exclusive medical spas and day spas in addition to some of the world’s premier luxury hotel spas.


Author: Fabiola

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